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Six ‘Made in Italy’ cheeses that you can find on Amazon

Chocolate or cheese? Two unconditional loves separated by the typical “If you had to choose one”. Although chocolate also makes many hearts happy, and in another report we will recommend a few, today the turófilos (also known as cheese lovers or cheese lovers) have won this battle.

Scratched on top of macaroni, flooding the pizza, sliced ​​inside a sandwich, together with an assortment of cold meats, on tapas or in a salad. Infinite are the options for whom cheese is always a fundamental ingredient in their fridges.

So, what better time than March, International Cheese Month, to flood our palates with the flavors of some of the Italian cheeses that can be comfortably delivered to your doorstep.

Cheeses that, although we would surely like to be able to enjoy them in Rome or Venice, we have the opportunity to do so without moving from the sofa. be cheese loverchocolate lover or you have not been able to decide on either of the two options, here we bring you some of the varied Italian cheeses to celebrate its world anniversary.

provola dolce

The typical Italian cheese to accompany with a good glass of white wine. In hamburgers, on pasta, as a cold or grilled appetizer, provola dolce, also known as provolone, will immerse your dishes in an unmistakable aroma and flavor with sweet and fresh notes. These 450 grams of delicate flavor They are priced at 13.50 euros.

🧀 This product is on Amazon for 13.50 euros

Burrata “La Villanella” di buffalo

Made exclusively with buffalo milk, it is one of the best-known fresh cheeses in Italy, especially in salads. Although on the outside it may be similar to mozzarella, this pure white creamy cheese has a slightly harder outer part, but when cut, a creamy filling made of shredded and spun pasta mixed with cream comes out of its interior. In addition, it is one of the richest cheeses in protein and calcium to enjoy its texture and flavor in any of your favorite dishes. The price of this cheese is 28 euros.

🧀 This product is on Amazon for 28.00 euros

Formaggio Nero di Sicilia

Produced with pasteurized sheep and goat milk, aged in olive oil and sprinkled with black pepper, this cheese immediately transports you to its place of origin: Sicily. Perfect for an aperitif accompanied by honey or jam, its intense and spicy aroma contrasts perfectly with the sweetness of the preserves, creating a clash of flavors typical of the Italian city for 17.90 euros.

🧀 This product is on Amazon for 17.90 euros

Parmigiano Reggiano Azienda Agricola BONAT

From your sofa you can also enjoy this renowned “king of cheeses”. Parmigiano Reggiano is aged for 16 months, although it can be made for longer, to achieve its mature fatty texture. Normally used melted or grated, it is the perfect cheese to accompany your Italian-style pasta. Also, the option to buy it together with a specific cheese knife is a good idea if you can’t wait to go to the kitchen to try it. €44.90.

🧀 This product is on Amazon for 44.90 euros

Caciocavallo affumicato

Traditional from southern Italy, this semi-hard smoked cow’s milk cheese is smoked by burning beech wood for five minutes, giving it its characteristic smoky smell and taste. In addition, the caciocavallo affumicato is delivered in a refrigerated box with dry ice to maintain its proper temperature. Matured hanging on a raffia cord that gives it its typical shape, it has an intense flavor that, in its area of ​​origin, is enjoyed by melting it and accompanying it only with rustic bread. This unit of smoked cheese costs 19.90 euros.

🧀 This product is on Amazon for 19.90 euros

Pecorino cured in pistachio crust

Tuscany is the place of origin of this characteristic pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese refined in a rind with pistachio grain. Due to its aroma and intense flavor, it is usually cooked with hot focaccia, soft rustic salami, in mixed salads or with gratin vegetables and you can get it for 19.90 euros per unit.

🧀 This product is on Amazon for 19.90 euros

Gift, Kit to make Italian cheeses

If you prefer to enjoy the experience of making your own Italian cheeses, try this kit to produce some of the most famous. Thermometer, pipette, sterilizer, vegetable rennet tablets, cheese salt, instructions and recipes; In this pack you have everything you need to make mascarpone or mozzarella (among others) or to use it as a different and surprising gift. If you want to be a cheese master, the complete package is available for 54.99 euros.

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