Wednesday, August 10

Six national destinations to travel to out of season

Summer is ending and there are destinations that change radically. Places that have great cultural or natural value but that in summer, when tourism is concentrated, their attractions can dissolve in the crowd.

If we’re lucky with the weather, out-of-season trips can be packed with perks. The smaller crowd of people makes everything easier. First, transportation can be cheaper, as well as accommodations. There are no queues to wait for visits or long waiting lists in restaurants, and the local population sees us with different eyes.

From October to March, if we can afford it, it is an excellent time to get to know those places that in summer can be even overwhelming. Even beach destinations, although we are going to enjoy them in a way that does not necessarily have to involve getting into the water, of course.

Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata, in Almería, is one of those destinations that you get from boat to boat in summer. So if we can visit it out of season we will get a very different image. Its beaches, between the sea and the desert, are perfect to find disconnection. Monsul is the most famous, among other things because it was the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but above all for its beauty. The Enmedio cove is another of its essential points, as are the Los Muertos beach, the Genoveses beach or the Cabo de Gata salt flats.

To enjoy these places it is not necessary that it be hot to take a bath, because its landscapes are so spectacular that with that we will have enough. We can take a walk to the viewpoint of Arrecife de las Sirenas, or that of Amethyst. And of course, our passage would not be complete if we did not reach the very Cabo de Gata lighthouse. Towns such as Carboneras, Agua Amarga, Las Negras, Rodalquilar or La Isleta del Moro will be in charge of putting the rural and marine charm, in addition to giving us a taste of caldúo rice, with its fish and all its things.


Although for many Tarifa is a one hundred percent beach destination, the truth is that it also has a lot to offer if we go out of season to enjoy it with greater peace of mind.

The first thing is to know its history, that of the Tarifa defended by the Arabs in the 13th century, that of the Puerta de Jerez, that of the wall and, of course, that of the castle of Guzmán el Bueno. In it, legend has it, Alonso Pérez de Guzmán threw a dagger to kill his own son with it before surrendering.

The labyrinthine layout of its historic center is inherited from its medieval times, and in the center the one that deserves all our attention is the church of San Mateo. Its alleys, its squares and its fountains will be much more pleasant to walk out of season than in the height of summer. We must not forget to go up to the Mirador de Africa to, if there is good visibility, feel that the neighboring continent is practically within reach of our hands.

Rías Baixas

The Rías Baixas make up one of the most touristic places in Galicia. Definitely. And it is a highly demanded destination in summer, so it can be interesting to visit it out of season.

There are six Rías Baixas: Corcubión, Muros and Noia, Arousa, Pontevedra, Aldán and Vigo. And all of them are dotted with towns full of charm. In addition to the two capitals, Vigo with Mount O Castro and Pontevedra with its beautiful old town, there are towns that deserve a visit away from summer stress.

Combarro with its granaries by the sea, Cambados as the capital of Albariño, Muros with its maritime atmosphere, A Guarda with the Santa Trega castro or Baiona with the Monterreal castle, they will appreciate a visit in autumn or spring. In addition, if we want to know the island of A Toxa, it will be much more comfortable if we do it out of season. And if you like fish and seafood, you will be in the right place.


Menorca should be visited in good weather because its beaches are its greatest hallmark. However, that does not have to mean going in the middle of high season, when it is necessary to control the capacity of the coves and restrict traffic for the good of the island itself.

But even if it is not warm enough to bathe, coves like Turqueta, Pregonda, Mitjana, Macarella and Macarelleta are worth a visit. Contemplating its turquoise and crystalline waters from a sand free of crowds comforts anyone and makes you forget all kinds of stress.

In addition, Menorca also has an important cultural offer worth visiting. On one side is Ciutadella, with its beautiful old town and its busy port, and on the other Maó, with its great natural port and the Fortress of La Mola. The little town of Bibibeca attracts attention, although it is a relatively current construction, and it can also be interesting to learn about the Talayotic history of the island by visiting some of its remains. If you like to eat and want to try something delicious, the lobster stews from Fornells are to remember until the end of your days.


Lanzarte always welcomes us with open arms. It is a destination with beaches, yes, but it has so many things to see and do that we can ignore them and we would not miss them. To begin with, because it is a unique place, dotted with volcanoes and landscapes that could well belong to Mars. The Timanfaya National Park requires a visit yes or yes, it is a true geological gem, and if we can also complete it with a guided walk through Tremesana, better than better.

Then, on the other hand, there is the work of César Manrique, as integrated into the landscape as the volcanoes themselves. We must not overlook the Jameos del Agua, the Cactus Garden, the César Manrique Foundation, the Peasant House-Museum and the Mirador del Río. In addition, between cheeses, wines and fish, we already have the perfect plan put together.

Costa brava

Surely we don’t even need to tell you how the Costa Brava gets in summer. That is why it is highly recommended to visit it out of season, when the crowds have passed and we can enjoy its incredible natural charms. Do not think that here there are only beaches, because you will be surprised by the cultural value that it can offer. You can start with Cadaqués, which in addition to its white houses also offers the Salvador Dalí House Museum in Portlligat. You can stop in Calella de Palafrugell to enjoy its beautiful historic center with a maritime atmosphere. Or in Tossa del Mar, whose old town does not disappoint.

If hiking calls you, the Caminos de Ronda will allow you to skirt the sea through coves, beaches and cliffs, and if you know little, the Cap de Creus Natural Park is also a place to stretch your legs. The cultural icing on the cake can be put by the ruins of Empúries, where the remains of a Greek city, Emporion, coexist with those of a Roman city, Emporiae. Of course, something that you cannot ignore is the gastronomy of the Costa Brava, where the suquet de peix, the prawns from Palamós or the anxoves de l’Escala should not be missing.