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Six simple reasons to eat an apple a day

the apples are present in the history of humanity since ancient times, as they come from a tree with a very wide range of survival in different climates. Not in vain in some biblical illustrations Eve is represented biting an apple as a fruit from the tree of good and evil.

And in the United States the myth of Johnny Appleseed, the boy who traveled the country planting apple trees to feed the nation, is almost foundational. In short, the apple is a food that has served as a wild card to numerous cultures, because it is present in many fields, but also because of its nutritional virtues, which make it an excellent snack.

The nutritional composition of the apple is poor

The Apple it is 85% water, which leaves only 15g out of 100 to provide energy. This explains why it barely provides 54 Kcal per 100 g, a very low measure. In this sense, although it offers 11 g of carbohydrates, it provides another two grams of dietary fiber, which helps moderate blood sugar levels.

Secondly, hardly any fat or protein, although it does stand out for its modest contribution of potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, which can help complete the daily intake of these elements. As for vitamins, their contributions are discreet in vitamin C (12 µg), folic acid (5.8 µg) and equivalent carotenoids of ß-carotene (15 µg).

And yet apples are very interesting for daily consumption for the following reasons:

1. They are an immediate source of energy

Beyond the presence of sugars in its pulp, it is very remarkable that the apple contains half a gram of malic acid per 100g Precisely the name comes from the scientific name of the apple (Malum silvestris) because it was first isolated in cider.

Malic acid is actively involved in the formation of adenosine triphosphate or ATP, the molecule used by muscles as a source of energy. For this reason, it is possible that ingesting malic acid helps to produce more energy and can improve resistance to exercise.

2. Perfect against constipation

Despite the fact that due to its high fructose content it causes a lot of gas, its high percentage of fiber, and more if it is eaten with the skin, where insoluble fiber is added, makes it perfect for giving volume to the food bolus and preventing stool from excessively dry in the last section of the intestinal tract.

3. Good snack when dieting

Apples provide just 50 Kcal but they hydrate us and thanks to its fiber They have a high satiating power, so they are perfect to eat between meals.

4. Ideal for diabetics

These same qualities also make them perfect for diabetics to consume in order to prevent hypoglycemia, since they do not provide excess sugar and the fiber moderates blood glucose levels.

5. Helps moderate cholesterol

The 11 µg of ß-sitosterol they possess make them interesting. The reason is that this molecule is very similar to cholesterol and therefore, mixed with foods high in it, or prior to its intake, it competes for intestinal absorption. This causes the body to absorb less cholesterol and more ß-sitosterol, harmless at the cardiovascular level.

6. Helps maintain the good condition of the gums

Many people have had their gums bleed when biting into an apple. Beyond the fact that it is a sign of a certain degree of anemia, the fact is that the solidity of the apple pulp is a good eroder of dental tartar, in addition to presenting antimicrobial substances that help maintain oral hygiene.

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