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Six stylish ideas to give life to your leftover kitchen towels

take them out kitchen rags. This is the proposal that circulates through social networks. And there are no reasons. For one thing, some kitchen towels seem too pretty to get dirty. Others are cheap but still cute; and we can take advantage of its most versatile side to save money while we use it less suffered, more stylish and away from the stove.

here they go seven easy and cheap ideas to show off kitchen towels and save money along the way: from using them as napkins, a popular trend for years in restaurants, to using them as trivets, hand towels or to wrap freshly baked bread.

1. Use dish towels as trivets

Many kitchen towels look pretty and, by their very nature, come ready-made to pick up all sorts of accidental spills – from a little tea to breadcrumbs. These characteristics allow us to take advantage of the size, fabric and design of the kitchen towels as trivets fun with which to liven up a table.

2. Cloth napkins with kitchen rags: they are a trend!

True: we can buy cloth napkins. But there is a simpler and, above all, cheaper way to get hold of some large tissue napkins, functional and beautiful: let’s take advantage of kitchen towels! This is not a new invention: some restaurants have been taking advantage of this versatility of kitchen towels for years to add style and an original touch to the tables, and have made them a trend.

Well, at home we can do the same thing, and it’s much cheaper than getting a set of cloth napkins of that size and quality! You don’t have to cut them or do anything. And combining cloths of different designs adds a new dimension to our table. Not only can we reuse kitchen rags: here we tell you five practical ways to take advantage of sheets.

3. Use nice dish towels as hand towels.

Beautiful kitchen towels allow us to personalize even the most dreary bathroom. Not only the patterns, but also their textures make it easy for us: kitchen towels are great for drying our hands. Another plus point: they take up less drawer space than traditional towels.

4. Wrap homemade bread or cookies with kitchen towels

Few things are as pleasant as homemade or freshly baked bread that is still warm. And the same goes for cookies and other cakes that we can make at home. Well, here comes our long-suffering but stylish kitchen towel to the rescue. If we wrap any of these dishes in an organic cloth (so as not to leave residue) they will last longer hot, and they are beautiful!

Or we can use a nice kitchen towel to wrap the bread basket: it keeps what we put inside the longest time warm, for example, some wheat tortillas, like the ones we use for fajitas and other plants. The kitchen towel also makes it easier to remove crumbs when it’s time: just shake it, and put it back in the basket!

5. A kitchen towel to keep the parsley fresh

Or we can use a clean and damp kitchen cloth to wrap the parsley and keep the herbs fresh longer. The trick: you have to roll them up with a damp cloth, like a spring roll, and put them in the fridge. In this way, they can last a week almost intact.

And yes we roll up an aromatic herb woody, such as rosemary, bay, thyme, oregano or fresh sage, with this rag method they will last a week or two, if not more.

6. Kitchen rags to protect drawers

And the rags are very helpful to protect the interior of the kitchen drawers. In addition, they help us absorb excess moisture that may have remained in cutlery, glasses or plates. We just need to remember to take out the kitchen towel from time to time, wash it and let it dry well before using it again.

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