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Six types of curious salt and pepper shakers as well as useful and beautiful

Among endless culinary products, perhaps salt and spices are the most used in the kitchens of the world. Therefore, what less than to give these ingredients some beautiful containers that not only serve as a kitchen instrument, but as part of the decoration of the house.

In different fun ways, with a gravity sensor and even with adjustable grinders or designs of all kinds; here we bring you a list of the most useful and innovative but also of other curious and modern ones.

Salt and pepper shaker two in one

The groove in the middle of the grinder will ensure that your ingredients do not mix at any time. You just have to fill each section with salt and pepper respectively and trust that, after replacing the sealing cap after use, your spices will remain fresh, aromatic and tasty.

This one from Gheart disassembles easily, making cleaning and refilling a piece of cake; it’s transparent, so you’ll see the spices; and, in addition, it has different uses depending on how you want the salt or pepper to be ground: fine, medium or coarse. You can find it for 16.99 euros.

Wooden pinwheel with decoration

This is perfect for those who want something “from life” but with a modern touch. The combination of the ceramic head and natural wood gives the pinwheels their fun, summery charm.

With a size of 17.5 x 6 cm, the two grinders are easy to handle and differentiate, not only because of the different colors on their heads, but also because the wood in each of them is different.

Thanks to the large head, it is easy to refill by removing it in a rotating way and, as if that were not enough, it has a leveler to choose the size of your spices and a matching wooden coaster to place them. It is from Haipusen and both cost 27.89 euros.

avocado shaped

It’s the funniest version of any salt and pepper shaker. Its material is ceramic and it is ideal for seasoning all your dishes with a little grace. This Mr. Wonderful design is very simple: an avocado that, when separated in half, becomes two different containers, one for salt and the other for pepper that you will be able to differentiate since one has the stone of said fruit.

East it costs 26.15 eurosbut there are so many ways that it would be impossible for us to list them, so here are some more: in the form of anchor for 27.99 euros, from Flemish for 15.99 or from swing for 27.25.

electric grinders

That technology has reached all culinary tools is a fact. This has happened with this Sdlogal grinder, whose gravity sensor makes it possible for your freshly ground spices to fall onto the plate simply by turning the grinder.

It is adjustable, so depending on the direction in which you turn the upper screw, you can get fine or coarser pepper or salt. A blue LED light will turn on when you use it, creating a pleasant atmosphere, its large capacity will mean that you hardly have to refill it, and its use works through batteries (not included).

The pack of two costs 38.53 eurosalthough if you want only one you got it for 25.25.

With oil and vinegar included

We already talked about oil and vinegar jugs in another of our articles, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring you the complete pack so that your entire kitchen is matching. In addition to the fact that it is impossible to confuse you since each container comes with the name of its ingredient, they will not be left lying around because they all have a support to place them together.

And, in addition to giving your home a rustic touch, it is good value for money, since the five Lolahome products (vinegar, oil, salt shaker, pepper shaker and support) cost 24.90 euros.

Salt and pepper shakers in wooden jars

For those who prefer the simplicity of jars to collect a pinch of salt by themselves, this is a different and attractive alternative. In the Wandeli pack there are three pots: one for salt, another for pepper and another with a bouquet of grass drawn to put the ingredient you most want.

The three containers are made of 100% natural acacia wood and each have a lid, although if you feel like it, you can place them one on top of the other. They cost 18.97 euros. Of course, a good advice is not to wash them in the dishwasher so that the wood maintains its quality and shine, so washing them by hand and drying them immediately is the most appropriate way to keep them in perfect condition.

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