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Six YouTube and Twitch channels to have in the background while you telecommute

Either because we are one of those people who need to have music in the background to function or because we like to feel accompanied, in ConsumoClaro we have compiled six YouTube and Twitch channels to have in the background while you telecommute. From relaxing tunes to work rooms, you are sure to find a good opening act for your workdays.

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With the announcement that, as of June 26, masks will no longer be mandatory outdoors and the start of vaccination in people under 40 years of age, the end of the pandemic seems near in Spain. Despite this, there are some things that surely came to stay.

One of them may be teleworking. Although many companies are beginning to ask their workers to gradually return to their offices, many others have also preferred to give the option to telecommute if desired.

For whatever reason, one of the problems that teleworking can cause is concentration and the atmosphere. Because of that there are some digital spaces such as YouTube channels or some streams on Twitch, like the ones we offer you today, which can be a great background support.

Lofi girl – Youtube

A channel that has been broadcasting since February 22 of this year without interruption: Lofi Girl has become the soundtrack of thousands of people. It is a channel that plays music 24 hours a day lofi without any kind of interruption, stop or change of registry.

It is a relaxing music, that is usually accompanied by a soft sound of rain in the background, and that does not have big “hits” that can distract you. It has a wide variety of songs, so you don’t get bored after a while or feel like you’re always listening to the same thing.

The music is illustrated with an animation of a girl studying in a loop, something that can even be made hypnotic. It is, then, an ideal music for those who simply want to enjoy a melodic accompaniment during their workday.

Calm Piano (relaxdaily) – Youtube

The piano is one of the most relaxing and melodic instruments that we can listen to while working. Calm piano is a YouTube live broadcast since December 2018 that offers 24 hours of piano music.

For those who like the sound of the piano and the versions of different songs with this instrument, it can be perfect to have some background music while the day goes by and we work.

Elesky25 – Twitch

Now, what if we want to hear someone playing the piano live? Elesky25 (Elena) is a skilled pianist who delights her viewers with both gameplays as with concerts (especially the latter).

Contrary to the previous cases, in this channel Elena interacts and comments with her viewers between song and song. This is especially important, since we will not listen to music continuously and without interruption.

It can be an alternative for those who like to have some type of background content, but do not want to miss the opportunity to have good music during their day.

rucalleja77 – Twitch

rucalleja77 is a very specific channel but it can be the perfect background accompaniment for some people. This streamer is a trailer driver who broadcasts his road trips through Spain live.

Always looking towards the asphalt, he interacts with his followers through a loudspeaker that reads the messages and tells curiosities about his work and anecdotes. At the same time, it shows the speed at which it goes and the consumption with another camera.

Although niche, for those people who like to listen to another in the background, talking, interacting … and above all, accompanying them during the day, rucalleja77 can be a good alternative.

tennysonmusic- Twitch

Although English-speaking, tennysonmusic is a music channel that, during its day, shares its workspace. That is, it broadcasts how it composes its melodies, its shifts, its breaks, entertainment …

In this way, he creates a “virtual office” in which he keeps you company and vice versa. The language can be a problem, since he only speaks in English, but if you know the language it can help you to have a background.

In addition, if your position allows it, you can set the same work and rest times as he does and, in this way, set a pace for yourself.

I amSaraOnline – Twitch

Sara is a content creator who defines her live shows as “your streaming chill of confidence “and is that, in truth, its emissions are very calm. Many days it emits its workday looking for to create a space of work, very similar to the previous position.

Background music, silence, breaks, brief interactions … this is a live show where the important thing is to concentrate and accompany each other through the internet.

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