Monday, October 25

Sixth extension

There will be ERTE until February 28. The unions, the employers and the Government have reached an agreement in principle to extend for the sixth time this mechanism that allows companies to stop paying their employees without firing them while a public aid is responsible for maintaining most of the salary. For this extension until February, the Government has added a condition: there will be benefits for companies that ‘take advantage’ to train their unemployed workers, although it will not be a mandatory initiative to obtain aid. Here the fringes.

  • More deals. The Social Security will maintain the aid to the self-employed with low incomes until January 31. The four benefits for cessation of activity due to the pandemic are maintained, although the access requirements are restricted in the low-income one. If you are self-employed, look at this.
  • And disagreements. The pension tree is being shaken again and we know that from there only bad news falls for workers. Minister Escrivá, who already raised dust speculating on a possible cut in the retirement of baby boomers, has now publicly flirted with the idea of ​​working until age 75. Has had to qualify. The PP takes advantage of reopen the debate.

The abortion witches

Today we dedicate the delivery of the podcast to talk about the reactionary wave against abortion that resurfaces in Spain, within an international trend. The other day, a Vox deputy called a PSOE deputy who was speaking in the rostrum about the right to decide of women a “witch”.

The Government wants to have the draft ready before the end of the year to reform the abortion law which aims to better regulate some aspects of the current law, restore the right for 16 and 17 year olds without parental authorization and guarantee sexual education. In other words, a good culture war is coming with the right wing.

  • A ‘like’ is already too much. The courts are expanding with their sentences the concept of what is understood by respect for the order not to communicate with a victim of sexist violence. Judges, increasingly, understand that any interaction on social networks can already be intimidating and therefore violates protection.

The volcano siesta

For two hours, the volcano of La Palma has been asleep. Neither jets of fire, nor great columns of smoke, nor the roar of the center of the world escaping through the mouths of Cumbre Vieja. Any. Volcanologists and journalists were looking for explanations and it was even speculated that the magma made its way elsewhere on the island. But just as it went went back.

Experts say that It is what it is. There will be peaks in intensity and they will be difficult to predict.

Do not pass

  • The traffic light of Germany. The winner of the elections in Germany, Olaf Scholz, has made clear your preferred coalition to form Government: red, green and yellow. Or what is the same: the SPD, the Greens and the liberals. Scholz wants to leave behind the grand coalition with Merkel’s party, the CDU.
  • Maixabel. Icíar Bollaín has just released a film based on Maixabel Lasa, widow of the socialist politician Juan Mari Jáuregui, assassinated by ETA in 2000, who has had several meetings with the perpetrators of the attack. Monica Zas has interviewed her and comes back shocked by the testimony and lucidity of who is behind the character played by Blanca Portillo.
  • Fuelxit. You couldn’t tell. It was not known that Brexit would cause real chaos in land transport from the European continent and would add obstacles to the arrival of the most basic products. We are seeing fist fights for gas. And even if the British don’t want to see it, blame it on Brexit.
  • THAT. New changes at sight in Compulsory Secondary Education. There are new subjects such as Technology and Digitization and a total of five itineraries for kids in Baccalaureate.

Everything is politics

  • Google wars. A judicial battle is being waged in the National Court between Google and the son of a military official involved in the Franco process against the poet Miguel Hernández, who wants the references to his father’s name in relation to that historical fact to disappear from the search engine. For that of the right to be forgotten.
  • La brasa Torrijos. We have spoken with one of the sources of inspiration for this newsletter when content about architecture appears, Pedro Torrijos. The headline fits us perfectly: “Architecture is a political act of the first order.” He is interviewed by another passionate about the subject, Gumersindo Lafuente.
  • Best Performance. The San Sebastián Film Festival decided at the time that it was going to unify the awards for best actor and actress into a single unisex category. The decision was criticized by those who defend that without specific methods of visibility, the work of women ends up invisible. The new category has been released with a prize for two women. But that does not close the debate.

I hope the week has started well. We will continue there.

A hug,


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