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Skip summer crowds and book one of these 15 Airbnbs across the US in under the radar beach towns

FAQ: Airbnb beach homes

Is it safe to stay in an Airbnb during COVID-19?

Always check with the latest CDC and WHO guidelines and local rules and regulations for your destination for the latest information, and consider the infection rates of the areas you’re traveling to and from. After all, not everyone has been vaccinated, so some areas might still experience outbreaks.

However, the CDC does say travel is safe for fully vaccinated individuals and experts agree that private vacation homes are one of the safest travel options.

What’s a good time of year to visit the beach in the US?

That depends on where you want to go. The US has beaches that are visitable in every season across the country.

Tourists head to Hawaii year round, and southern Florida or California for winter escapes, while swimming season gets started later in the near the further north you go (roughly). If you plan to just savor the scenery, you can travel off season for cheaper rates and no crowds, or plan on summer to catch the waves.

How do I find beach homes on Airbnb?

After you start a search based on location and dates, you may then filter for “waterfront” or “beachfront” properties. From there, it’s up to you what you prefer in terms of decor or amenities.

Where is the best place to rent a beach house?

That depends on what and where you’re looking for. Travel time to your destination, the cost of food and activities on the ground, and the climate could all be factors in your budget.

If you’re watching your vacation money, do some research first about where you can afford to stay by filtering for price, then look at how you’d get yourself there (plane? car?) to see how much it would cost to travel . You can also narrow down options based on regional preference and amenities.

Where is the cheapest place to rent a beach house?

There’s no hard and fast rule for where it’s cheapest to rent a beach house, but generally speaking, the more popular areas tend to be the most expensive during peak or prime summer seasons. You might have better luck renting in Port Aransas than Corpus Christi during spring break, for example.

What makes a beach town underrated?

For us, it means that people from outside the area (or those who don’t know it well) might not be familiar with the town. An underrated beach town won’t be found on the Jersey Shore, in Cape Cod, Miami, Los Angeles, or other popular destinations.

Instead, they savor a slower pace with less fanfare but still offer activities, dining, or other special attractions to make it a worthwhile destination. Miles of relatively uncrowded sandy beaches also help so you can keep away from the crowds and find your own little stretch of paradise on shore.