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SkyDrive and Suzuki promise a flying car in three years | Digital Trends Spanish

SkyDrive, the Japanese electric flying vehicle company, and motor vehicle manufacturer Suzuki have announced an alliance to create a manned flying vehicle for urban transportation. To put it in simpler terms, the objective of the association is the launch of an electric flying car.

The alliance says its goal is to have an electric flying two-seater ready in three years, with SkyDrive designing and engineering the project, and Suzuki, with long experience building outboard motors, motorcycles and small cars, providing assistance. in the manufacture and global marketing of these flying vehicles.

The multirotor electric vehicle will have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, and the capacity to transport two passengers on short urban journeys, which can be interpreted as a huge drone capable of transporting human beings.

In fact, SkyDrive has made it its goal to start an air taxi service during the 2025 World Expo in Osaka, Japan, and then expand the service to other regions of Japan. SkyDrive has already produced and tested a flying car prototype, the SD-03 which successfully completed a manned test flight in August 2020.

The creation of the flying car was the primary goal of creating SkyDrive. This company, a pioneer in research on flying cars, was founded in July 2018 to accelerate the research and tests that were being carried out for this purpose by an organization of volunteers from the automotive and aviation industries called Cartivator, which was working for this purpose. End from January 2014.

Suzuki, which suspended operations in the United States in 2012, is one of the most popular automakers in Southeast Asia and India, regions whose cities are noted for their massive traffic jams, making them natural markets for flying cars. will be created by the alliance.

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