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Smart bathroom scales: what are they and what models exist

There are many experts who proclaim that the scales should be thrown away. The reason they use is that the classic versions of these devices are limited to offering body weight, when science has long focused on the Body Mass Index (BMI), something that does measure the smart scales.

You have to throw the scale in the trash

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The BMI is the relationship between weight and height, but also with respect to the amount of body fat that we present in relation to lean weight, that is, of muscles, especially bone and body fluids. It is known that obesity is determined by the relationship between the percentage of fat and muscle mass, with fat being the risk factor for health.

In this way, a person can weigh less than another but be closer to obesity, and not only because they are smaller, but because the former, having more fat than muscle, will give less weight, since the muscle weighs more when accumulate water, denser than fat.

On the other hand, a muscular person, an athlete for example, will have a muscle mass that will weigh much more than its volumetric equivalent in fat. That is why, equal in height and weight, 90 kilos in one case (a lot of fat) can be a symptom of obesity, and in another (a lot of muscle) it is a symptom of good health and an athletic body.

Therefore, as classic scales are not able to inform us about these things, experts recommend discarding them. In their replacement, the so-called smart scales have already been on the market for a few years.

What is a smart scale?

It is a scale capable of measuring the body fat index, and it does so thanks to the electrical conductivity of the human body, or bioimpedance, since this is greater. The higher the percentage of water in a fabric. Thus, muscle and blood, “soaked” tissues, have a high conductivity, which is lower in bone and much lower in fat, which lacks water.

In this way, the smart scale emits a very low intensity electrical signal from one pole and picks it up at another, after passing the impulse through our body, generally the poles are on either foot.

The less fat we have, the faster the impulse will travel. The more body fat, the more. slow will be your journey. In this way, with the speed of the impulse, the height and the weight, the scale calculates the body fat index, a data. much more interesting than the simple weight.

But in addition, these types of scales have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, so they can pass the data of our measurements to a mobile application that the manufacturer has designed. This collects all the data of each measure and can temporarily expose them in graphic form so that we can see the evolution of our bodily health. These data can also be used by medical experts.

(Almost) reliable

However, smart scales are not always reliable, although they do generally serve as guidance instruments. The reason is that not all people have the same fat percentage; according to our age, our sex or our metabolic moment, the percentages. fat and water can vary.

For example, in the female sex the fat percentage considered healthy is higher, and in the same way, the hydration is lower compared to the male sex. But in menstruation stages, for example, this percentage of water can grow considerably …

That is why it is interesting that our smart bathroom scale is able to elaborate a profile based on these circumstances and with it fine-tune the body fat index and its limits. however, these devices are not suitable for professional use, where more precise techniques are used.

What data do you provide us?

With the profiles of each user and the measurements made, smart scales can provide us with metrics obtained from calculations and tables, which we must bear in mind anyway that they are approximations. The following stand out:

  • The kilograms and the percentage of muscle mass, from the electrical bioimpedance.
  • The body water percentage, also from bioimpedance and gender.
  • The body mass index relating weight and height that seeks to identify overweight and obesity.
  • The fat found in the abdomen area and surrounds the internal organs that are there. It is used to assess the risk of metabolic diseases.
  • The basal metabolism, which are the calories necessary to perform the vital functions of the body. It usually covers 70% of the total calories consumed throughout the day.
  • The metabolic age, which is the quantification in years of the level of wear and tear on our body at a physiological level. To obtain it, data on fat mass, lean mass, visceral fat, bone density, biological age, as well as the calculation of basal metabolism are used.
  • Finally, evaluating the density of the muscle fibers, it can provide us with data on the quality of our muscles.

Three models that may interest us

Withings Body + Smart Scale with Wi-Fi connection

This Nokia scale, though it costs 99 euros, is one of the models. more complete high-end. It offers accurate results of our weight, in kg, lb or st, and the percentage of water and body fat, as well as muscle mass and bone density.

It allows you to record the weight and history of up to eight users, and is able to automatically identify each of them, closely following the growth of the whole family with the pregnancy tracking system, healthy weight gain range and revised tips by an obstetrician. And with the baby mode, to keep track of the weight of the little ones in the house.

The data of each weighing appears automatically in the Health Mate application ( Android; ios) via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Plus, it syncs with Apple Watch and more than 100 health and fitness apps like Apple’s Health app, Fitbit, and Google Fit.

eufy Smart Scale C1

This is in the middle range. model for 35 euros, with very good benefits. Instantly offers twelve useful measurements on our physical health, such as weight, body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass and more.

It also tracks measurements in the Apple Health app, Google Fit, and Fitbit, and controls health trends for up to sixteen users from one account. On the other hand, the large LED display is easy to read for people of any age.

The manufacturer also ensures that two pairs of ultra-sensitive G-shaped sensors guarantee more accurate measurements compared to other types of sensors.

RENPHO Balance

The asset of this scale that is offered on offer for 26 euros, is its quality with respect to a very reasonable price, and its mobile application, which works with Samsung Health, Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit. The application is also available for Apple Watch.

Regarding the scale, it performs an analysis of thirteen body composition and health data, including weight, BMI, body fat, fat free weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, mass bone, protein, BMR and metabolic age. On the other hand, we can create an unlimited number of accounts, where to save all the family data.

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