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Smart glasses, missions to Mars and video games bombshell: the most anticipated technologies and trends of 2022 (Podcast Clear the X # 167)

The year is ending and after taking a look back, it’s time to think about what’s to come. What will the big tech trends of 2022 and what do we expect for next year. For this we have collected the opinion of several editors of the Xataka team, where we try to anticipate what projects, devices and advances we will find.

In this special episode they participate Jose Garcia (@josedextro), Juan Carlos Lopez (@juanklore), Javier Jimenez (@dronte), Andrés Mohorte (@mohorte), Javier Lacort (@jlacort), Amparo Babiloni (@ababiloni), Antonio Sabán (@ansamor), Javier Pastor (@javipas) and a server, Enrique Perez (@lyzanor). At the controls in production, as always, Saints Araújo (@santiaraujo).

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You have to fasten your belts well

There are different technologies that have appeared this year and in 2022 could become established. One of them is ARM processors. Apple Silicon may have its days numbered and for next year we could see a bigger dispute between AMD and Intel. A great three-way war (counting Apple with its own chips) for efficient and powerful processors based on this architecture that lives new days of glory.

Despite the fact that the pandemic still seems to push us to stay at home, mobility is one of the areas that is experiencing the most growth and technology already allows us to have real computers in a very small size. And a representation of this is the “smart” glasses, a market that aims to explode in the coming months with models from practically all technology manufacturers.

While in telephony cameras are expected to make a leap, with sensors under the screen or an inch. A mature sector that still has a lot to offer.

Along with hardware, software also has a lot to say. Here we warn that more and more people have to pay to access Internet content, a dynamic that will only grow in 2022. A tug of war for paid content that we should be mindful of.

An example of digital work worth paying for is video games. In 2022 the new generation of consoles, which this year has been a bit soulless, finally show its full potential.

2022 may be the year that large companies decide to change their scene. We have already seen large technology companies make purchases in sectors outside their main one, which could give way to curious strategies. And speaking of taking steps, a lot of attention to the next stop for humans. Mars is the target, but it is still far away. Although you will have to fasten your seat belts for the ambitious Artemis mission.

Returning to Earth, the sector of computers and displays can also experience great moments with the arrival of the first OLED monitors for PC with HDMI 2.1 or with the arrival of QD-OLED panels to the television market.

By 2022 all kinds of technologies, trends and missions await us. We will see which ones materialize and which ones go beyond what was even expected.

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