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Smart Monitor M8, the new Samsung has a very Apple design | Digital Trends Spanish

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Samsung has just released a new line of high-end monitors that do not go unnoticed. The new Smart Monitor M8 could pass for a 24-inch Apple iMac, but no, it is a device all in one with a very careful design and super colors trendy.

The back is finished in a polycarbonate similar to the one we see in the Galaxy A53 5G, which gives it lightness and a casual look. It is available in four different pastel colors: white (Warm White), pink (Sunset Pink), blue (Daylight Blue) and green (Spring Green).

On the technical side, the new monitors, whose price is somewhat high, arrive well loaded. On the one hand, they have adaptive image technology to improve the user’s visual comfort. This means that the monitor is capable of automatically adjusting the brightness and color temperature of the screen, depending on the ambient lighting conditions.

According to Samsung, they also have adaptive sound based on two integrated 2.2-channel speakers and Adaptive Sound + technology, which analyzes the environment of the monitor and the content that is being played to equalize the sound automatically.

Despite their resemblance to iMacs, these monitors don’t have a CPU inside them, but they’re not just ordinary monitors either. The devices integrate OTT services to be able to tune into platforms of streaming such as Netflix, HBO or Disney +. The operating system that it integrates is Tizen, developed by Samsung and that in the past we have seen working in some of its smart watches.

The new monitor is available now in the US with pre-orders for a price of $699 dollars. In Spain it is already available to buy for €799.

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