Sunday, October 17

Smart scooter warns you of obstacles on the route | Digital Trends Spanish

Unagi presents what they say is a reinvention of urban mobility in the form of a scooter electric and smart called Model Eleven.

East scooter It has several striking features, but one of the most interesting is the integration with the Google Maps navigation service, which will give directions to the driver through a screen and a speaker on the device so as not to have to look at the phone and avoid possible accidents .

But in addition to the above, the Model Eleven has an ADAS sensor (Advanced Driver Assistance System or advanced driver assistance system) that allows the scooter differentiate between the various obstacles on the way. According to Unagi, this is the only two-wheeler that includes this technology, thanks to which the Model Eleven can distinguish between pedestrians, cars, immobile obstacles or even traffic lights or signals to stop.

And not only that, the vehicle will give the corresponding alerts through the screen and the audio system, so that the driver is always aware of situations that could be missed in the middle of the road.

The Model Eleven also includes a GPS and a feature to remotely disable it in the event of a loss. In addition, the body is made of carbon fiber, which makes it lighter than the scooters traditional and allows you to include a complete suspension system. The battery is removable and Unagi ensures that the change process is very simple, as well as to buy an extra one and load it in a backpack if necessary.

Due to its characteristics, the Model Eleven is not a cheap vehicle. The scooter It will be sold in two models, one without the ADAS sensor that will cost $ 1,690 in presale on Indiegogo (its regular price is $ 2,540) and another with the sensor for $ 1,790 under reservation on the same platform; It will cost $ 2,820 once it goes on sale in June 2022.

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