Wednesday, September 27

SMEs demand to be able to charge default interest in the payment plan for pending invoices

The SMEs applaud the extraordinary mechanism set in motion by Hacienda to pay the providers from town halls, but claim not to have to give up the default interest. The Multisectoral Platform against Delinquency (PMcM), which brings together more than a million SMEs and the self-employed, celebrates the measure taken by the Executive, which is aimed at settling the invoices with expiration terms greater than 30 legal days prior to July 1, 2021 from 1,640 town halls and 670 other entities.

This organization, of which the Catalan employers Pimec is one of the promoters, remember that suppliers are entitled by law to charge late payment interest. For this reason they have claimed that “it is corrected with the utmost urgency” this point, since the deadline for municipalities and suppliers to send the list of pending invoices to the Treasury ends on February 11.

The president of Pimec and PMcM, Antoni Canete, has stated that he hopes that this Treasury measure have continuity “because it has been contemplated since 2013 in the organic law for the control of commercial debt in the public sector” and it is not explained “how it has taken so long to start up & rdquor ;.

Liquidity injection

For the PMcM, supplier payment plans entail an injection of liquidity to the real economy and are very helpful in reducing delinquency that affects SMEs and the self-employed, but they are not enough to secure the payment chain.

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Cañete explains that “no mechanism has been arbitrated by which these companies, once they collect from the supplier payment plan, have the obligation to pay the suppliers in turn.” subcontractors, so that the money flows to the last link of the productive chain and that thus the effectiveness of this type of measures have a real and definitive cascade effect; Many subcontractors (suppliers’ suppliers) are waiting to be paid by those who have received the money from the Administrations (manufacturers and contractors) through a supplier payment plan. For this reason, we demand that a sanctioning regime be put in place, which is the only way to definitively put an end to this scourge.”

The mechanism to pay providers, included in the State Budget for this year with an endowment of 2,000 million Brake a possible sanction to Spain for delays in public administration payments. The sanctioning system of the law against delinquency has been paralyzed in Congress for more than a year.