Sunday, January 16

SMEs: in one year, the Government allocated more than $ 7,000 million in loans

Later, it was indicated that “these credits have a 20% quota that is exclusively intended for SMEs led by women, which has already been surpassed where 174 credits were granted for an amount of $ 2,034,235,989 “.

The SME secretary, Guillermo Merediz, pointed out that “for us it is central that small and medium-sized companies invest resources to expand their plants, acquire machinery or technology, expand product lines and incorporate personnel. We see that this process is also a product of the accompaniment and financing strategy that we carry out from the Ministry, where we prioritize those who invest, risk and generate employment, and those who work. “

Merediz specified that “we want the policies to be increasingly accessible and reach thousands of Argentine companies that have support for continuous improvement plans.”

Of the total of 622 direct loans granted in the period of 12 months, the metallurgical sector received 17.9% of the loans; It is followed by the manufacturing of machinery and equipment and of food and beverages, both with 17.7%, and in third place are companies that manufacture plastic, rubber and non-metallic mineral products with 13.2%.

Then, in descending order, the following sectors follow: textiles, clothing and leather; automotive and auto parts; wood and furniture; and chemical substances and products, among others.

The official part detailed that “54.9% of the credits were destined to the acquisition of machinery, while 23.1% were used to incorporate new technologies in production processes, and 20.2%, to improvement infrastructure of the company.In addition, the investments were destined to increase its productive capacity (31%), improvement of the productive quality (23.3%), expansion or transfer of plant (17.1%), and technological modernization ( 16.5%) “.

The SME Secretariat stressed that “the direct credits provided since December 2020, to date reached micro and small companies in 17 provinces of our country plus the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.”

Finally, it was noted that “the line was launched with an initial quota of $ 3,500 million, which was increased to a total amount of $ 8,500 million based on the high demand and number of investment projects presented. Direct credits have a maximum amount of $ 30 million and a fixed rate of 18%, subsidized by Fondep. Through this line, up to 80% of the investments are financed, while the remaining 20% ​​is in charge of the requesting company. “