Wednesday, January 19

SMEs: they extend terms of the Electronic Credit Invoice

Thus, Those MSMEs that issue an FCEM to any of the 1,300 “large companies”, which appear in the list published by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), will benefit from a reduction in the cancellation period since July of next year. acceptance or rejection of your invoices from 30 to 25 days.

“The strategy of the Ministry is that SMEs find certainty of collection of their invoices and, at the same time, that they have options to access working capital in a complementary way through the more than 30 lines of financing that were launched in the last two years”, the SME secretary, Guillermo Merediz, highlighted in a statement.

He also remarked that “Synergy with public bodies such as AFIP, the Central Bank and the National Securities Commission and private actors is essential.”

On the other hand, he remarked that “This tool seeks to consolidate the productive chains in the country and strengthen commercial relations between SMEs and large companies, allowing small ones to have greater certainty of collection and improve their financial structure.”

“At the same time, it encourages the largest companies to generate stronger supply chains to, in this way, improve the country’s productivity”Merediz said.

The modification reduces for the first time the terms provided in resolution 209/2018 of the former Ministry of Production, and grants a period of six months, until June 30, 2022, so that large companies adapt their administrative processes and systems to comply with this new regulation.

In addition, the standard extends to December 31 next year the possibility that MSMEs can give up their invoice before the mentioned deadlines so that they can discount it through traditional factoring tools.

The FCEM Regime establishes that a micro, small or medium-sized company is obliged to issue this voucher in all commercial operations carried out with a large company, provided that the total amount is equal to or greater than $ 195,698.

For this reason, the largest company will have a 25-day period to pay your invoices, accept them so that they become an executive title and can be negotiated or reject them due to possible inconveniences they contain.

The data provided by the AFIP show that between January and November 2021, a monthly average of 397,000 FCEM were issued, 8.3% more than in 2020, for $ 523,000 million, of which $ 335,000 million were negotiated in the capital market at a rate of 38%, achieving a growth of 86% compared to the same period of the previous year.

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