Thursday, August 5

Smiles and space travel

As today the Government of Pedro Sánchez approves the new historical memory law, Pablo Casado has counterprogrammed with an act called ‘Concord, Constitution and Patriotism’. The event has given us two very uncomfortable moments to watch, in which Pablo Casado has put the best of his smiles at the words of his two guests.

The most serious is the one starred by Ignacio Camuñas, who was minister with Adolfo Suárez and ended up in Vox: “In 1936 there was no coup d’état. The Republic was responsible for the Civil War ”. Take Concordia. Did you get married? No. Smile. Here you can see the video.

Another high-profile moment came from the other guest, former Minister Rafael Arias Salgado, who said that Dutch Prime Minister Rutte is “a son of a bitch”. Married smile.

As Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte says in his chronicle of the act, “With defenders like these of the Constitution, it has merit that it has lasted so long.”

  • From the Chanquete valley. The Benedictine friars, pro Francoists, who have managed the Valley of the Fallen until now have their days numbered with the new Democratic Memory Law that is approved today. But kicking them out will not be easy: “We will resist”They say.

See your pharmacist

Today it is approved that pharmacies can sell antigen tests for the rapid detection of Covid-19. We tell you where, how and what to do with the results of this new self-diagnosis formula that, if it becomes popular, can distort the data we have on the pandemic because these tests, as if they were those of a pregnancy test, remain in the private sphere until no one attends to a doctor.

Data. More than half of the population she is already vaccinated but the hospitalizations have grown 65% in just one week with more than 61,000 infections reported this Monday.

Look how the curve looks:

  • The Constitutional Court It is preparing to also knock down the second state of alarm declared in October, right on that other upward curve that is seen in the graph, after a resource from Vox. This time the argument will not be that of home confinement but rather the duration of the measure, which lasted six months although much of the management was delegated to the autonomous communities. More details.
  • Yes we mask. This Monday was the first day without the obligation to wear a mask in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that they have 50,000 infections a day and rising. Neither outdoors, nor indoors; neither in bars nor in public transport. Nothing. What happened? That many people he has continued to put them on. A survey says that three out of four Britons consider that wearing a mask is still very important.

Space shipping

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, takes off today at 1:00 p.m. (Spanish time) in a ship of his own company to try to reach the limit that separates the atmosphere from outer space. It can be seen online, so stay tuned. One of his companions has cracked in the last moment.

It is a milestone for private space exploration because he is the first millionaire to self-finance such a space operation. Well, the first or the second, because of course there is a Cold War of testosterone and business between moguls who want to be the first to touch the glory. More in this report.


Do not pass

  • Floods. Why are there the great floods that hit central Europe and have caused dozens of deaths? The climatic alteration is clear and now it is necessary to see to what extent it is related to the action of the human being. More doubts and some answers here.
  • Pegasus. Yesterday I gave you the keys to the hacking scandal that governments around the world have perpetrated on more than 50,000 mobile phones. Here you have a list of the main affected.
  • Peru he already has a president: Pedro Castillo has received recognition from his main rival, Keiko Fujimori, as the winner of the elections of a month and a half ago. His proclamation, already officially sealed by the Peruvian electoral board, closes an institutional crisis that had the country in suspense.

Everything is politics

  • Porn and art. The famous porn website Pornhub has launched a virtual ‘guided tour’ through some of the most famous nude paintings in history, such as Goya’s La maja exhibited in the Prado Museum. Museums are very pissed off. This provocation by Pornhub, that of trying to denounce the intellectual hypocrisy that places old porn in museums and despises porn of now, cannot make us forget the increasingly widespread criticism of Pornhub for its abuse and deception.
  • The culture of zasca. “We politicians are within the dynamics of the click, the politician knows that if he says a stupid thing, he knows that he will get a notoriety that is very profitable.” These are the words of the Madrid deputy Eduardo Rubiño in the ‘To live’ of the SER. “We feed each other back and generate a toxic breeding ground”, answers the presenter Lourdes Lancho. An interesting conversation promoted by Felipe G. Gil, who already wrote in this article on La cultura del zasca.
  • Sport. The legendary TVE journalist Paloma del Río is about to comment on her last Olympic Games before retiring. In this interview she reflects on what the minority sports that are suddenly popular and the women’s sport that are beginning to make their way have in common. “When we started watching golf, how much public knew the rules? They were telling me about a boogie or a couple, and I had no idea. But people are learning, knowing and becoming interested ”.

I have 10 days left until the holidays. That it is not that I count them.

Tomorrow we read each other again.

A hug,


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