Wednesday, July 6

Snapchat removes its speed filter after several lawsuits | Digital Trends Spanish

Snapchat, the short video social network and forerunner of the face filter craze, has pulled one of the oldest and most controversial filters.

It is a filter launched in 2013 and that uses the mobile’s speed sensor to enable an acceleration meter in miles or kilometers per hour that is displayed on the screen. According to various reports, there were several accidents caused by drivers using the filter, prompting some affected families to sue Snapchat.

According to NPR, the company announced in a statement that it has removed this feature “hardly used by Snapchatters.” “And in light of that, we are going to eliminate it completely,” he added. The company does not confirm at any time that the removal of the filter is related to the multiple lawsuits in which it has been involved. Also remember that they themselves warned when using this filter that its use was for co-pilots or other passengers of a vehicle trip, other than drivers. However, this warning was not respected by all users.

Before completely eliminating the filter, the service reduced the maximum speed limit to 35 miles per hour (about 56 kilometers per hour), but it seems that for critics the measure was not enough. The company began removing the filter this week, but clarifies that it may take several weeks before the removal process reaches 500 million of its monthly active users of the app.

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