Wednesday, December 8

Snowden used Bitcoin to leak NSA files

Through social networks, Edward Snowden criticized the venture capital industry, which criticize Bitcoin to promote other currencies, as well as recalling that he paid in Bitcoin for the servers that stored the leaked data from the NSA, acronym for the US National Security Agency .

His speech recalls the reasons why Bitcoin exists, far beyond serving as protection against inflation, Bitcoin is synonymous with freedom and privacy. Also because of this Snowden criticized the current state of the project.

As well as the NSA data leak by Snowden, Bitcoin is also linked to other similar movements, such as WikiLeaks which also uses Bitcoin as a weapon against censorship, making it impossible for governments to freeze their funds.

Used Bitcoin as a currency for nearly 10 years

Attacking and defending himself at the same time, Snowden claimed that there is a group of people connected to venture capital firms that warns against Bitcoin and at the same time advertise currencies in which they own a stake.

Although he did not mention names, it is common for venture capital companies to invest in alternative cryptocurrencies, financing their development in exchange for currencies. It’s also not uncommon to see statements from these same companies criticizing Bitcoin’s energy use compared to these currencies, mostly with greater centralization of power.

On the other hand, Snowden is also a big critic of Bitcoin, as in the issue of its lack of complete privacy even after the Taproot update. However, he made sure to remember his history with Bitcoin for those who don’t know him.

“There is also a group that thinks I discovered Bitcoin recently, simply because I criticize it sometimes. Do you know the whole NSA story from almost TEN YEARS AGO? I paid for the servers that made this possible… using Bitcoin. I’m just not a maximalist.“, These Snowden.

Skin in the game

While today many people invest in Bitcoin just because the government has approved it, it must be remembered that bitcoin is about much more than profits. Bitcoin is about freedom and privacy.

Interestingly, the disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto is linked to another governmental and corporate data leakage movement, WikiLeaks.

After having their accounts blocked at various financial services, WikiLeaks began accepting bitcoin as a donation. At the time, the coin was still worth a few cents and, fearing the government, Satoshi disappeared days after this announcement.

“WikiLeaks kicked the hornet’s nest and the swarm is coming our way.”

The quote above is from Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, referring to the US government that, in his imagination, would try to bring down Bitcoin. It is worth noting that at the time he was not so sure in terms of hashrate and decentralization.

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