Saturday, September 18

So many to a thousand and Marlaska to minus zero

“A few so much and others so little”

Things are already looking very bad in Afghanistan as I write these lines. The Taliban have realized that those they hate and even those who would be necessary to maintain the country are slipping through this open airport route, because a country needs its most highly trained cadres and those planes that take off are a hemorrhage of doctors, engineers, lawyers, judges, prosecutors and everyone who knows what to expect. It paints badly and it is very likely that we are left half, that it is not possible to help everyone and that is particularly screwed when you have their names, their faces, their documents in your hands. Even so, the Government has not stopped issuing safe-conducts, although we all fear that every moment it becomes more impossible for their holders to make them effective.

Still I think we should be happy. I am. It is a great country and a great government that we have tested these days. It is not about medals but about recognitions. Hand to hand. I am talking about what I have found in only one part of the device. Associations and aid organizations that provide the data from the field (14Lawyers, Moving Artist and many others) but also the Consular Emergency Division -which, although it took to start the first days, has since overturned without measure- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the minister’s own cabinet and its director; the Ministry of the Presidency, the Ministry of Defense with the minister and her chief of staff and the military in charge; the state attorney general and the technical secretary of the FGE; the Secretary of State for Justice and the Minister of Justice; the general director of International Legal Cooperation and Human Rights; the Secretary of State for Communication; the Progressive Union of Prosecutors, MEDEL (Magistrats européens pour la démocratie et les libertés), members of these organizations and anonymous people, journalists, prestigious lawyers and dozens of people from this country and others who have turned to locate and contrast the identity of threatened people, contact them, find a way to save them.

I leave many, I have only mentioned those with whom I have had more contact. The start was as efficient as possible, the reception in Torrejón, impeccable. The location of the refugees in various parts of the geography, a prodigy of speed and efficiency with the collaboration of UNHCR and the Red Cross. We have reasons to be proud and we have reasons to be sad because we all know the infinite joy that comes from knowing that one more person is safe and the remorse of thinking that maybe that other person, maybe you could do more … And we still have their photographs and their cell phones and the reliable news that the Taliban are going to drown this airlift of solidarity.

The one that does not have many other instances that should have been there in addition to making announcements from their vacation spot. Sometimes there is an echo of emptiness. Didn’t the CGPJ have something more to contribute than a short note asking someone to do something? And the General Council of the Legal Profession? What have some professional associations done, couldn’t they have been more involved? Each one will know. Always remember that Spain has not only evacuated its collaborators but is evacuating seriously threatened people who had nothing to do directly with our country. That is where the difference between the Netherlands that left the embassy without notifying its workers and the open, committed and impeccable effort that our country is making shines.

And while all this wonderful fit of coordination and spirit of help and collaboration – because that is what has prevailed – was developing, on the other side, looking out of the corner of the eye, one could see the disaster organized by the clumsy Minister of the Interior in Ceuta. It is almost impossible to think that the government itself harbors so much greatness and so much coherence and that it coexists with as much shame as the head of the Interior portfolio has made us suffer in an issue as human rights and as sensitive as the other. Both things together produce a feeling of estrangement, as if the Minister of the Interior were a gallstone embedded in a project that does not fit him.

The meeting of Pedro Sánchez – no longer the famous espadrilles that worried the right so much, but with the same ideas – with the popular president of Ceuta, can only be interpreted as a way to end the tragic vaudeville unleashed by Marlaska who first decided breaking the law, that which he was obliged to know, and then he stabbed Vivas to blame him for a decision that without his assistance would never have been possible. Brave and transparent, Marlaska has always been, you know. He never ever tried to unleash his own guilt on others. Now, thanks to a small civil rights association, the judges have put him in his place, they have reminded him that the first form of interpretation of the laws is exactly what they say (art. 5 of the Convention) and have led to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights asks Spain to suspend these illegal expulsions of Moroccan minors from Ceuta. You always get to the top when it comes to human rights, Marlaska. Kicks in the door, expulsion of minors without guarantees, torture not investigated and dismissals of high officials clumsy and without legal correction.

And it is clear that there is a problem in Ceuta, deliberately caused by Morocco. But while his new foreign namesake has been smart to channel the issue, Marlaska is determined to fix the consequences by breaking the law. It is very similar to what it has done in the Canary Islands, managing the migratory crisis with the sole idea of ​​turning the Canary Islands into a kind of open-air prison for the arriving Sub-Saharan Africans, children included, without giving any other option or studying any other way out. .

It is not possible for both faces to coexist in the same government as an executive Janus. It is not possible and the only face that is worth, the one that serves the voters, is that of the government that has not forgotten that one of the clear differences of a progressive program is the shameless commitment to human rights and to the relief of all those who are haunted by their ideas.

I am very critical many times, but in the last week and a half I have to give Spain and its government an A and a flagrant failure and announced to Minister Marlaska, that black sheep of civil rights, that man who should never have been in that Council of Ministers.

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