Sunday, December 10

So you can buy low cost tickets for the AVLO Valencia-Madrid

Renfe will put on sale from this Thursday the tickets of Avlo, your low-cost high-speed service, to travel between Madrid and Valencia, a route that will start operating from the next February 21st.

The tickets will go on sale with prices ranging from seven euros, and will initially offer up to six daily journeys (three each way), which means 2,220 Avlo seats per day.

Renfe will market the tickets in a single class, and will manage their sale through a “dynamic system” that will offer the customer the best available price at all times.

What’s more, travelers will be able to complete their ticket, which includes a cabin bag and a handbag, with additional services such as seat selection, changes and cancellations or additional baggage.

Children under 14 years of age will have a basic rate of 5 euros, as long as it is accompanied by the issuance of an adult ticket, and there will also be discounts for large families, specifically 20% for those in the general category and 50% for those in the special category.

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As for the route, four of the six Avlo trains that Renfe will operate daily will stop at the Cuenca Fernando Zóbel and Requena-Utiel stations.

This will be the second route launched by Renfe through its low-cost high-speed service after the Madrid-Barcelona route, which began operating on June 23 with the liberalization of passenger rail transport.