Wednesday, February 21

Social Security

Comprehensive Health Care Allowance.

Requirements for your payment.

Law 27,611 established the Comprehensive Health Care Allowance, consisting of an annual payment to holders included in family allowances, for each dependent child under 3 years of age, provided that they prove compliance with the Vaccination and Sanitary Control Plan.

The Ministry of Health ordered that, for now, the requirements be considered fulfilled with the registration of the beneficiaries before the SUMAR PROGRAM. To this end, information will be crossed between all children from 0 to 3 years of age who have generated the right to collect the Universal Child Allowance for social protection from their parents or dependents registered in the aforementioned program. The regulation of conditions for the collection by ANSES is pending


Nothing. Joint 1/22 (MTD- MTESS) (BO 20/01/22)

Extraordinary assistance, Hotel sector.

Affected tourist towns

They created an extraordinary assistance program for the hotel sector to develop its activity in the affected tourist cities of El Calafate, CABA, Córdoba, Mendoza, Rosario, San Miguel de Tucumán and Ushuaia. Consisting of an individual and fixed monetary sum to be paid to workers, on account of their remuneration, who work in establishments that have declared before the Federal Administration of Public Revenues, as of March 12, 2020, as their main activity, accommodation services in hotels, inns and similar residences with or without restaurant service. The monetary assistance will be 70% of the net remuneration, up to a maximum of $22,000, and will be extended for one month.

Black. 65/22 (MTESS) (BO 25/01/22)

Extraordinary attendance, Fruit Producers.

Black river

They implemented an emergency and extraordinary assistance program for fruit and related producers in the Departments of General Roca, Avellaneda, Pichi Mahuida and El Cuy, Río Negro, given the agricultural emergency and/or disaster declared in those departments. It consists of an individual and fixed monetary sum to be paid to workers on account of their remuneration and is equivalent to 70% of the net remuneration, up to a maximum of $9,000. Assistance will be extended for four consecutive months from admission to the Program.


Black. 27/22 (MTESS) (BO 19/01/22)

Personnel affected by covid 19.

Work re-entry. Terms.

Employees affected by covid 19, both directly and by close contact, with a confirmed diagnosis without requiring hospitalization, may return to their activities without presenting a negative test result or discharge certificate, if they have completed vaccination 7 days after symptom onset date and those who are not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated can return 10 days from the symptom onset date.

Asymptomatic close contacts with a complete or complete vaccination schedule plus booster may be incorporated following jurisdictional recommendations and must maximize preventive measures, while those with incomplete vaccination only 10 days after the last contact with the confirmed case.

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