Wednesday, November 30

sociopathic politics

Sociopathy can be caused by scarcity, need and the survival drive or by greed and the need to hoard power and perpetuate it. The first can be understood, as with the twins Claus and Lucas in Agota Kristof’s work. A latent cruelty in a world without mercy makes it understandable that it has to be replicated to stay alive. That is why you can get to empathize when they trick their father into throwing himself on the ground and with his body burst some mines that allow them to pass over his remains and flee from a country invaded in the middle of an occupation war. You understand their sociopathy because you assume that in a world watered with blood they can see no way out but to continue watering it.

But then there is the sociopathy of the cruel by ideology in a comfortable and civilized world, of those who only want to have more and for this act against those who have less, so that their own can have a little more at the expense of the suffering of others. One of the features of sociopathy is to give beliefs the trait of evidence, of dogma. Something that we have been able to verify in the measures that Liz Truss took, that Ayuso applauded, and that have brought Great Britain to the brink of bankruptcy. Converting Darwinian sociopathy into politics is the aspiration of the Ayuso government. The president of the Community of Madrid does not change her rictus, transforming into a saldillo imitation of the psychopathic coldness of Jeffrey Dhamer, when she speaks icily about the elderly who died helpless in residences due to a political order of hers that prohibited giving them a chance to survive in a hospital. She does not change her face because she is convinced that her Darwinian policy can only bring possibilities to those who achieve them by their own means. A school followed by each and every one of its advisors. Enrique Ossorio is a faithful squire to his teacher. A millionaire who does not see the poor and considers himself worthy to decide when he has to stop the pain that his Administration has caused to the relatives of the elderly in his hecatomb. A policy of cruelty to the miserable that has to be politicized in the opposite direction.

The weariness of ordinary people who have to suffer the health conditions in Madrid is concrete and real, but it needs to be transformed into politics in the right direction. A reader sent me an appointment for more than two years for a diagnostic test, a kidney ultrasound, dated October 2024, seeing that Isabel Díaz Ayuso was denying that the waiting list was so dramatic. She couldn’t believe that she was denying the reality that she was suffering as she looked at the letter that had been sent to her from Hospital del Henares. Ayuso lied to her with her letter in front of her and she sent it to me so that I could report her situation. Those people who suffer from the degradation of health need to channel their situation, because if not, the machinery in favor of Ayuso will make him win again in six months to continue degrading the care situation of the most vulnerable. Ayuso rents that sociopathy.

A Vox councilor in Coslada responded indignantly to a message about the arrangement of that health diagnostic test with more than two years of lapse that this also happened with Manuela Carmena. Leaving aside the level of idiocy that exists in the middle positions of the extreme right-wing party, her response is evidence of why the mistreatment of Primary Care by the Government of the Community of Madrid does not wear Isabel Díaz Ayuso down: there is a widespread ignorance about the jurisdictional regime. Anyone who has been in a doctor’s waiting room knows that complaints are not usually directed in the right direction, Ayuso also knows, and that is why she continues to degrade public health for the benefit of private health. But the model of derivation and privilege of Ayuso’s private in favor of her can make her die of success. There is such a diversion of people to private healthcare, forced by the conditions of the public one, that it will end up being unattractive for those who pay for exclusivity. The waiting lists and the problems of attention in the private sector are increasingly greater precisely because they are not capable of attending to the volume of new clients. And private health is paid not to wait.

Ayuso represents the culmination of almost 30 years of neoliberal reform in Madrid, where they have attracted all those who do not need education and public health, but do need a mistreated workforce. The concentration camps of labor exiles that used to represent the red belt have been colonized by PAUs where wealthier people live who change the sociology of the Madrid vote in a perfectly outlined plan that the Madrid left did not know how to see until it was too late. Madrid is a great laboratory where inequality has been sown and has caused those with the most income to vote for who they have to vote to protect their interests and those with the least to stop voting, tired of their situation not changing. Ayuso sociopathy is his model. An ideological plan that aims to attract the highest incomes in all of Spain with massive tax cuts, abandoning the poorest and denying them basic public rights such as health, which emanate from taxes, so that they live in abstention with the simple task of serving as a service workforce. Ayuso’s plan is to lower taxes on the rich so that the poor die without knowing what.