Saturday, May 28

Solemnize the obvious

The leaders of the PP, the extreme right of Vox and Citizens do not believe the word of the president. They consider him a pathological liar, in such a way that if he broke his word when he said, before winning the elections, that he would never grant a pardon to the procés leaders, he will do it again now with the self-determination referendum. That is the thesis and that is the prophecy of a virulent, fallacious, aggressive opposition that is ready to do anything to wear down the government. Even for Casado to emerge an exercise in historical denial about the coup that ended the Second Republic and a de facto justification of the Franco uprising that led to the Civil War and 40 years of dictatorship. In the background, with his words about the confrontation between “those who wanted democracy without law and those who wanted law without democracy”, the president of the PP established a parallel between two governments that the right considers illegitimate. The one from 1936 and the one from 2021.

The difference between pardons and the right of self-determination is that the former are legal because they are provided for in the legal system and the division of a territory of the State is not part of our Constitution nor is it included in international law, except for situations of dominance. colonial or minorities within a State subjected to oppression or discrimination, something that does not fit in the case of Catalonia.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there will be no referendum on self-determination. Unless those who defend it manage to convince three-fifths of this House to modify Article 2 of the Constitution and later the Spanish ratify that change by referendum. And even so, the PSOE , of whom I am honored to be Secretary General, I would never ever accept it. ” Crisp, diaphanous, crystalline. This is how the President of the Government in parliament expressed himself regarding the possibility of his cabinet authorizing a consultation on the independence of Catalonia and that, in the opinion of the Spanish right, it is part of a “hidden agenda” already agreed between Sánchez and the independence.

The opposition is free to believe or not in Sánchez’s word, what is more questionable is that the leader of a party with a vocation for an alternative government such as Pablo Casado does not know the letter of the Magna Carta, the United Nations resolutions and the comparative law of France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Lithuania or Estonia. But much more serious than ignorance – if that were – is that it brazenly deceives citizens, who do not have to be aware of international law. A lie repeated a thousand times – like the one that Sánchez is willing to break Spain to continue in La Moncloa – does not become a reality, but it can be installed in society through a repeated and fallacious campaign like the one that the right wing has now deployed in line with what he does whenever the left rules.

Neither Sánchez nor any president of the Government of any political sign can authorize a consultation on the division of a part of the territory. And even so the chief executive, the different ministers of his government and the full PSOE have to solemnize the obvious every day because the right wing, its head media and all its trumpeters spread the same noise and fury a thousand times. humbug.

In Shakespearean Macbeth, the drama of the ambition of power for power is masterfully described, that eagerness that Casado attributes to Sánchez and that nevertheless underlies each of his words and deeds. Anything goes. It happened in the last years of the felipismo, it happened with Zapatero and now it happens again. Even before the second socialist president of democracy took office, the PP opposition already said that theirs would be an illegitimate government and now it is again that of Sánchez because he first arrived at La Moncloa through a motion of censure and later he was invested with the votes of Basque and Catalan nationalism, which must be less legitimate than those of the PP even if they came out of the same polls, according to the narrative of the right.

The aggressiveness that the rights exude has achieved that a part of society joins the national brawl convinced that Spain, far from being a democratic country, is nothing more than an emulation of Venezuela, Nicaragua or Cuba, as Abascal says, he repeats Ayuso and scatter Casado in a bizarre competition for the leadership of the block they represent. It does not seem that all this is just part of a strategy to erode a government that they consider weak and an impostor, it is also an X-ray of the political and moral decadence of those who refuse to accept the reality that today they do not hold institutional power and they mistake their anger for the truth. When it is necessary to solemnize the obvious it is because the battlefield is impassable.