Wednesday, October 27

Solidarity hackers donate to NGOs what was stolen from large companies | Digital Trends Spanish

“Make the world a better place.” That is the explanation offered by a group of hackers who in recent days have made news for solidarity actions that are not typical of this time.

Hackers have carried out a series of robberies from large companies through attacks of the type ransomware and they have donated the loot to various charities.

The group, known as Darkside has published the receipts for ten thousand dollars in Bitcoin donations made to two NGOs.

The groups that have benefited have been Children International, which supports families and communities in Africa, and The Water Project, which works to improve access to safe drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa.

“We believe that it is fair that part of the money from the companies goes to charity. No matter how bad you think our job is, we are pleased to know that we help change someone’s life, “said the group of hackers in a statement posted on the dark web.

Although their solidarity actions have been compared to a kind of modern Robin Hood, one of the organizations receiving the money has ensured that it will not keep the donation after knowing where it comes from.

“If the donation is linked to a hacker, we have no intention of keeping it,” a Children International spokesperson told the BBC.

The group, meanwhile, has assured that the attacks are only directed at large companies and that they are holding their IT systems hostage, until they decide to pay a ransom.

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