Monday, December 4

Some 34,000 companies formalized their notice of operation in 2021

From January 1 to December 28, 2021, the platform of the Panama Emprende System of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Mici) has generated about 34,037 operation notices, of which 25,565 are for Natural Persons and 8,472 for Legal Persons.

The provinces that registered the highest number of notices generated, both Natural Person and Legal Person, were Panama (14,684), Chiriquí (5,396), Panama West (4,668), Colón (2,061) and Veraguas (1,868).

These figures denote the interest of Panamanian merchants, mainly entrepreneurs, to formalize their commercial activities, explained Omar Montilla, Vice Minister of Internal Trade and Industries, who highlighted also the contributions of the modernization of the Panama Emprende platform, whose version 2.5 It is more friendly, efficient and with tools that contribute to the transparency of the processes.

The Panama Emprende del Mici System contributes to the commercial development of the country, offering digital services to guide on the procedures required in the opening of notices of operation and support the registration of new businesses.