Wednesday, November 29

Some 51 producers in the country have requested the certification of organic products

The National Directorate of Plant Health of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida), provides the services of public certification of organic products, currently 51 producers in the country, who have requested the evaluation of their operations in accordance with the national standard of organic production for the domestic market.

Of these 51 registered operations, 27 are in the process of converting from conventional to organic and 24 have certificates of products with the Organic Panama seal, registered trademark with No. 10706 in the General Directorate of the Industrial Property Registry of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, details a press release from Mida.

These products include 97 different vegetable crops, among which are species of vegetables., fruit trees, roots and tubers, coffee, cane, banana, banana, pepper, turmeric, ginger, among others, for a total of 516, 885 kilograms of organic products certified by this entity, whose value in the national market is estimated at $ 318,313.

The organic products market is growing, with potential for income generation and rural development. International reports indicate a sustained growth of this market worldwide, in recent years, above 10%.

So that a national or imported product can be legally marketed under the name of organic, ecological, biological and other similar products, It must have the product certification of this quality, which is issued by authorized certification bodies, private or public. These certifiers inspect and verify compliance with the standard that regulates the organic quality of production, transformation or marketing operations of this quality of products.

In Panama, Executive Decree No. 121 of September 8, 2015 (It is the last current update that regulates), regulates Law No. 8 of January 24, 2002, establishing the provisions that regulate production, transformation, commercialization, export, import and labeling of fresh or processed organic agricultural products.