Monday, August 8

Some ideas to help the Afghan population with your time or money

After several weeks of vertiginous advance by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the insurgent group seized control of Kabul on Sunday, thus culminating its conquest of the country. The chaos and fear of the regime have accelerated the wave of refugees and displaced persons within the country, which was already suffering a humanitarian crisis due to the effects of the pandemic, droughts and the intensified armed conflict in recent months.

The UN estimates that up to 18 million Afghans – almost half of the country’s population – they need urgent humanitarian aid, including food and shelter. These are some of the ways to help.

Support for refugees

The Red Cross in Spain has activated a device to get volunteers to assist in the arrival of people from Afghanistan, but reportedly already has all the positions filled after receiving a multitude of responses. From Save The Children, who have been working in Afghanistan since 1976, they also ask for help to ensure health, education and protection services for refugee children in the country.

Spain has not specified whether it will host Afghan refugees beyond its embassy workers and aid for other workers from EU institutions. The Spanish Commission for Aid to Refugees is collecting signatures for Spain to facilitate reception with a petition to which you can access from here.

Support for children and women

The fundamentalism of the Taliban makes women and girls one of the groups that suffer the most reprisals and therefore one of the groups that need help the most.

One way to support Afghan women is by helping Rukhshana Media, an independent media outlet made up of a group of female reporters covering women’s rights and giving voice to the stories of women in their country as the Taliban tightens the siege against them. Rukshana order now help to the international community to support their journalists and continue their informative work.

From the organization Her Afghanistan they are also requesting help in the form of time. They ask for people to support the cause by recording informative lectures on the situation of Afghan women, sharing scholarship opportunities for the country’s women or organizing debates on Afghanistan, among others.

To support the country’s children, UNICEF has launched a fundraising campaign to help the 10 million of minors in need of humanitarian aid in the country. Save The Children also offers the possibility to donate to support Afghan minors who are in a situation of absolute vulnerability.

To invest in more concrete causes such as the schooling of Afghan girls, there are organizations such as Malala Fund or Afgan Women Education Center.

NGO and Relief Funds

In addition to those cited above, UNHCR is raising money to help in this great crisis and, through their initiative #Challenge UNHCR, seeks to send emergency shelters to 1,000 Afghan families so that the displaced can have a roof. GoFundMe is also raising money from your aid fund to Afghanistan and carries more than $ 55,000.

Action Against Hunger too ask for help in order to meet the shelter, food security and livelihood needs of Afghans, as well as other large international NGOs such as the International Committee of the Red Cross.

There are also small initiatives to support specific groups that are suffering strong reprisals from the Taliban, such as journalists working in the country. For this, the international network of journalists shares different ways of supporting them, such as donating to the Committee for the Safety of Afghan Journalists. through this link or to the International Federation of Journalists from this Security Fund that it has created to channel more support to the country’s journalists.