Friday, September 24

Some tips for married

Married did not do the military, that’s why he shoots at everything that moves or what is still. Neither did the race properly, it is true, that is why his ignorance of national and international legality oozes through his pores. Even so, I would not have told him anything, beyond the bad result that attacking everything that your opponent does usually gives since, without remission, it deprives you of reason and honesty. I say this with the same affection that I have said to many of the submissive envoys that he has in the gatherings: even if it is only to maintain this appearance of criteria, from time to time they must choose something that the Executive does well. It’s not even about being praised. I am not asking you for that exercise in honest masochism. It is enough that they shut up when there is no clear heel to bite, even the serpent of the Immaculate would understand.

I would not have said anything, neither to Casado nor to his hosts, nor have I done it during all the time during which the most important thing was to save as many people as possible. I have been telling him these days (It is fucked up and it is distressing, So many to a thousand and Marlaska to minus zero). What happens is that this troop of the PP has no limit in its cynicism and they have been stretching the rubber of Afghanistan until it deserves to be knocked and hit in the face of the rebound.

Married has been erratic in his position. Erratic in his mistakes, rather. First because he charged with all the artillery against the Government for the humanitarian operation launched in record time and supported mainly by the Spanish (error), then because he collected candles in a bad way saying that he supported what was done but only by the military and officials who did it, as if no one was sending them (error). Later, the problem was the delay, then not having consulted with Congress (error), even that the United States had ignored us in their thanks, as if that was good for the country they say they love (error) and then receive the slap of Biden’s call. Everything has been a solemn nonsense that has brushed the grotesque with its international expert, Valentina Martínez, saying that “Spain has not participated in the US efforts to evacuate Afghanistan.”

Mr. Casado, you must learn to choose your subjects of opposition. In this he had nothing to gain and much misery to discover. Only from ignorance or cynicism can such a mass of nonsense, lies and ignominies emerge. You, García Egea, Enrique López, Valentina and Maroto and the man on the motorcycle have covered themselves with glory.

You see, Mr. Casado, some are young but that does not exempt them from their supine ignorance that leads them to ridicule. Mr. Casado, Aznar took us to Afghanistan and the last flag of a Spanish base was taken by Soraya Sáez de Santamaría. Can I tell you more clearly? Rajoy bequeathed Sánchez a detachment of 24 soldiers in Kabul. TWENTY FOUR effective, Married.

Aznar took us to Afghanistan to participate in his friend Bush’s war against terrorism. You have portrayed yourself by reminding us that 20 years ago many refused to support that the attack on the Twin Towers resulted in a war in Afghanistan. That was Operation Enduring Freedom. You see how long the freedom that Aznar signed up to has been. By the way, his government party reached the schizophrenia of having us both in that war and in the USAF peacekeeping forces of NATO.

It was a minister from his party and a government of their own who decided that it was a good idea to cut costs by bringing in the hard-working Spanish military in shooting planes that the military commanders had already told them many times were not safe. I say this for when I praise the effort of the military. Of the 102 deaths that we left in Afghanistan, 64 are attributable to the pepera way of caring for the troops. To that add the ignominy of a minister from his party and Opus, Trillo, who was not even able to return the corpses with honor and respect to his widows and relatives, and had them put in as if they were pieces of offal in any way , mixing the remains, in a macabre operation whose shame the Spanish Army does not forget.

Mr. Casado, it was Rajoy who pulled us back from Afghanistan. In 2013 we handed over the Badghis base to the Afghan Army and a PP minister, Morenés, stranded the translators and workers who had collaborated with Spain on it. In 2015 we left the Herat base and it was Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría the one that received the last Spanish flag and brought it to Spain. Rajoy promised the Afghan president not to abandon the mission and he did not, leaving 24 soldiers in Kabul.

What does it come to accuse the Sánchez government of not having planned the evacuation of the troops? Hey, evacuating 24 people plus a handful of diplomats is no operational problem.

What is the point of talking about the humanitarian rescue airlift not only for former collaborators but for all those threatened people that the Government has come to know and who has offered to get out of there “under the protection of the Government of Spain” as the safe conduct?

Stop making a fool of yourself. It has been two weeks in which institutions, officials, non-governmental organizations, activists and individuals have turned to save human beings. Don’t tell me if a Popular Party government would have done better, tell me only if it had. Tell me if they had offered to centralize all the evacuees in Spain without even knowing how many other countries will take in. Tell me if that is the DNA of the People’s Party in Afghanistan after everything I have previously reminded you of (I say remembered because I would not like to make you red, insinuating that you have never even known it because you have never given a damn about this issue).

Choose your opposition topics, Mr. Casado. Do it with care.

Choose your battles, Mr. Casado, and then try to fight them with honor, which has not always been the norm in your party.

Choose your collaborators, Mr. Casado. This will avoid the ridicule of insulting the Government to praise some armed forces that his party subjected the greatest contempt precisely in Afghanistan.

I don’t care if I do it with Lobb shoes or espadrilles. Make it with something that allows you to hurry up.

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