Friday, December 9

“Some tourists think that nature is a zoo”

Popularized by a TV commercial or the algorithm of a social network, more and more natural spaces have gone from being remote and silent to becoming crowded places, confronting the economic and social development of their areas with environmental destruction.

How is this massive tourism affecting some natural spaces and their ecosystem? How do the local people live it? What measures are being taken? Can you put doors to the field?

We go through the Spanish geography, and we leave some of those saturated paradises, which are no longer lost with Savage Magazine and its director Anabel Rhodes, We spoke with mayors, neighbors and environmentalists and biologists and with the Asturian photojournalist Xuan Cueto who is participating in the latest issue of the magazine “Paraíso saturated”.

We spoke with Joaquim Mirallesmayor of Arnes in Tarragona and with the Asturian photojournalist Xuan Cueto who participates in the latest issue of the magazine “Paraíso saturated” and records what happens on the banks of the Sella. and interviewed Edward Flathead of the Forest Policy and Governance group at the Center for Forest Technology in Catalonia, Arthur Crosbyco-director of the Postgraduate Course of Expert in Management and Sustainable Innovation of Tourist Destinations of the Complutense University of Madrid and with Nuria Vallsbiologist and member of the Association for the Defense of the Study of Native Fauna and Flora.

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