Sunday, October 17

Someone hacked Twitch with the face of Jeff Bezos | Digital Trends Spanish

This week hasn’t been the best for Twitch. After being hacked at the hands of third parties, a strange incident occurred during the early hours of Friday: a photograph of Jeff Bezos appeared as a background image on several of his most popular games lists.

Users noticed that something strange looked on the title pages like Grand theft auto v or DOTA 2, which are usually among the most visited. And a quick analysis of the source code of both revealed a curious photograph of the founder of Amazon, the company that owns Twitch.

The situation has already been normalized and the image withdrawn. So far, no one on the platform has referred to the incident, but it is easy to speculate that it is related to the security leak in which a hacker got what would basically be the complete source code for Twitch in a file larger than 125GB.

So far, even on Twitch they are not clear on the scope of the hack and it is not known what type of user information is compromised. According to Twitch, the credentials of the platform’s accounts do not appear to have been leaked, but as it is an ongoing investigation, that cannot yet be confirmed. Also, credit card numbers are out of the hack as they are not stored within Twitch.

According to former company employees in a report of The VergeThese Twitch problems were to be expected because the platform has never put too much emphasis on security, instead they have focused all their efforts on what makes the most money.

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