Wednesday, July 6

Sonia Vivas renounces her act as councilor of the Palma City Council

Sonia Vivas, until now councilor for Social Justice, Feminism and Equality, has renounced her act as councilor of the Palma City Council, as confirmed to She has stated that her intention was to resign from the position before the mayor of Palma, José Hila, dismissed her.

The mayor of Palma dismisses councilor Sonia Vivas and cancels the controversial Pride week

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Vivas arrived at the Department in July 2019 after the municipal elections of May of that year, in which he presented himself as number two of Podemos.

The decision to resign was made after Hila signed the decree of his dismissal this Thursday and that all the programming of ‘Pride Week’, the week of Pride, which was to take place from June 18 to 28, was cancelled.

Palma’s ‘Pride Week’ celebrations have been surrounded by controversy. The first of these took place last week when the president of the company organizing the event (Ella Global Community) said, among other statements, that “people from the countryside will come who have never seen a lesbian.”

As background issues, there were discrepancies between several LGTBI organizations (such as Ben Amics), the company Ella Global Community, the councilor Sonia Vivas – in opposition to other sectors of Podemos – and the different political forces of the Consistory (PSIB, Més per Palma and Podemos). , which make up the municipal government team).

The LGTBI collective criticized the way in which Pride was going to be celebrated in Palma. One of the most critical has been the coordinator of the Ben Amics entity, Jan Gómez, who personally criticized the “commercialization” of LGTBI Pride and its transformation into a ‘Pride Week’.

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