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Sony patents removable covers for the PlayStation 5 | Digital Trends Spanish

Part of the aesthetic design of the PlayStation 5 is now officially and legally covered. The United States Patent Registration Agency has delivered to Sony a patent for console cases, which could mean that there will be new forms of customization in the future and also that selling these types of cases will have to be done with the consent of the company.

The patent was filed in November 2020, shortly before the PS5 hit the market, and was definitively delivered on November 16. Therefore, from now on the customization options for the console could be expanded, in the event that this is a segment that Sony is interested in.

But beyond the above, this patent would explain why Sony put so many obstacles in a company that wanted to sell alternative boards to the console. And so much so that the company threatened Customize My Plates with taking them to court if they continued their operations.

With major games on the horizon, Sony could well use this patent to sell accessory products; for instance, bundles official console plus a game and an alternative case with designs related to God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West or Gran Turismo 7, to mention just a few of the titles the company is working on.

However, this does not mean that third parties can not sell their own cases, but without a doubt that now they will have to go with something more careful, given what a patent means.

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