Tuesday, March 28

Soon you will be able to configure the Share button on your Xbox | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft will allow owners of an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console to configure the Share button on their controls to their liking.

For now, the button is only used to take a screenshot, start a recording or share a video, however, thanks to an update it can be configured for all kinds of uses, from controlling the volume of the TV, going to the settings application or start an app, among other functions.

As with the current use of the Share button, there will be different configuration options depending on how the button is interacted with. For example, one action can be assigned when the button is pressed once, another in case it is left pressed and one more when the button is pressed twice quickly.

The details about this new function for the control of the Xbox Series X and Series X were shared by Tom Warren, one of the editors of the portal The Verge, who also explained that he had access to it as a member of the Xbox Insider program. Warren said that only Alpha and Skip-Ahead Alpha level testers can test it.

At the closing of the edition of this note, the official xbox blog did not have any information about the upcoming release of an update to the Xbox Accessories app, which is required to make changes to controller settings within an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console. However, the feature is expected to arrive in brief to all users.

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