Monday, November 29

Soon you will be able to detect hidden cameras with your phone | Digital Trends Spanish

If you thought that your mobile phone could no longer do things for you, you are wrong.

In recent months we have seen several cases where guests have come across hidden cameras placed in an Airbnb or elsewhere. This type of attack on integrity and privacy could have its days numbered, since a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore has found that the ToF sensor laser included in many mobile phone cameras can do much more for you than just take photos with a beautiful bokeh.

As the researchers explain, the light beams from the ToF sensor (which are used to calculate the depth distance of objects) bounce more intensely when they detect a lens, so that it is possible to recognize hidden cameras in any corner of a room. The software has an algorithm of machine learning which analyzes the intensity of the reception of the light beams and deduces if it is a hidden camera.

This application is capable of detecting hidden cameras with a success rate close to 90 percent; roughly twice what a visual search would achieve. And it is necessary to bear in mind that the cameras can be hidden anywhere: inside stuffed animals, watches, chargers, pens …

At the moment this software is in the development phase, but if it is efficient enough it is possible that at some point we will find it as an application for mobile devices within the app stores.

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