Tuesday, November 29

Soria NOW! in two hours reaches 800 endorsements to stand in the elections of Castilla y León

The Soria platform NOW! has taken this Sunday a new step to stand in the regional elections on February 13 to reach the necessary number of endorsements.

Because they want to appear in these elections as a group of voters, they need the endorsement of one percent of the electoral roll, which means around 800 signatures of Sorians.

To that end, this Sunday they have begun the collection of signatures in Soria capital and in several of the main towns of the province: Vinuesa, Ólvega, San Pedro Manrique, San Esteban de Gormaz and San Leonardo de Yagüe.

In just two hours, the platform has reported through its social networks that they have already reached those 800 necessary endorsements.

However, they have also commented that they will maintain those informational tables and signature collections to easily exceed the figure and to avoid any possible inconvenience.