Saturday, January 22

Sortu applauds the former head of ETA Mikel ‘Antza’ upon arriving at the court to testify for the murder of Gregorio Ordóñez

Sortu has shown this Tuesday its “support and solidarity” to the former head of ETA Mikel Albisu, Mikel ‘Antza’, who has appeared by videoconference from the Donosita courts for his alleged involvement in the murder of the Deputy Mayor of Donostia Gregorio Ordóñez (PP ) on January 23, 1995. Albisu has appeared at the request of the National Court judge Alejandro Abascal for his alleged participation in the crime of the popular leader, but he has invoked his right not to testify, according to Europa Press.

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Upon arriving at the courts, several members of the Abertzale formation have waited for him at the gates of the judicial headquarters, where they concentrated with a banner that read “Konponbidea eta bakea” (‘Solution and peace’, in Basque) and “Mikel Albisu gurekin” (‘Mikel Albisu with us’). Among the members of Sortu, who have been joined by some of EH Bildu, who have received ‘Antza’ amid applause, were the member of the National Council of Sortu Aimar Altuna, Rufi Etxeberria, José María Olarra, Reyes Carrere and Iñaki Joy.

In statements to journalists, Altuna has indicated that, with this concentration, they wanted to denounce the accusation of Mikel Albisu and show him their “solidarity and support.” “Today, ten years after Aiete’s declaration, the pro-independence left has taken steps, is taking steps and will continue to take steps towards peace, coexistence and for a democratic solution to the conflict we have with the State,” he said. In his opinion, “on the contrary, those who always continue to try to obstruct that path.” “Therefore, we say it loud and clear, that in this town peace, coexistence and the solution need Mikel to be with us so that, together, we can build a people that can live in peace and freedom,” he added. .