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When everything suggested that Chile would be on the sidelines of its second consecutive World Cup, three victories placed it again in the race of the South American qualifiers to Qatar 2022. His next stumbling block is called Ecuador, which will put his savings account in Santiago at stake. We tell you when and where to see Chile vs. Ecuador in your country.

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Thanks to three consecutive wins, Chile added 9 points, exceeding the amount it had achieved in the previous ten games and settled in fourth place in the standings with 16 points. The “golden generation” of Chilean football seems to have taken a second wind from the hand of Argentine coach Martín Lasarte.

At the helm will be Ecuador, which has 20 points. Whatever happens, Miguel Ángel Ramírez’s team will remain in third place. However, a defeat against the Chileans and a series of results – triumphs for Colombia and Uruguay, who also have 16 – could end up depleting the savings account that the Quito team had achieved.

When and where to see Chile vs. Ecuador

Byron Castillo of Ecuador disputes the ball with Chilean striker Eduardo Vargas in the match played in September 2021 in Quito and which ended with a goalless draw. Getty Images

The match Chile vs. Ecuador It will be played this Tuesday, November 16, starting at 9:15 pm local time at the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium in Santiago. These are the schedules and the options available to follow it live, both on traditional television and on streaming platforms. streaming.

  • Argentina (9:15 pm): TyC Sports Play
  • Chile (9:15 pm): TNT Sports Stadium, Chilevision, TNT Sports Go
  • Colombia (7:15 pm): Snail Play.
  • Spain (1:15 am on November 17): Movistar +, Movistar Champions League 1.
  • Mexico (7:15 pm): Sky HD, Blue To Go Video Ev
  • United States (7:15 pm EST / 4:15 pm PST): Fubo Sports Network.

How the South American qualifiers are played

The South American qualifying rounds of Qatar 2022 bring together the ten teams affiliated to Conmebol (South American Football Confederation), who face each other in a league format of all against all, in round-trip matches (home and away) spread over 18 dates .

The first four teams qualify directly for the World Cup, while the one that finishes in fifth position must play a playoff against a country from another confederation (which has not yet been defined).

The league-like format has been used uninterruptedly since the 1998 World Cup qualifiers in France and replaced the group systems that had been used – with some variations depending on the number of participants – since the 1954 Swiss qualifiers.

The thirteenth date of the South American qualifiers will be played in full on Tuesday, November 16, with the following matches:

Game Local time EST time PST time Place
Bolivia – Uruguay 4:00 pm 3:00 pm 12:00 pm La Paz, Bolivia
Venezuela – Peru 5:00 pm 4:00 pm 1:00 pm Caracas Venezuela
Colombia – Paraguay 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 3:00 pm Barranquilla, Colombia
Argentina Brazil 8:30 pm 6:30 pm 3:30 pm San Juan, Argentina
Chile – Ecuador 9:15 pm 7:15 pm 4:15 pm Santiago, Chile

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