Monday, March 27

South Korea solved the problem of noisy neighbors | Digital Trends Spanish

There is nothing more annoying than a noisy neighbor, especially when we just want to rest. This is an uncomfortable problem that affects more people who live in buildings, where the apartments are close together.

To avoid this inconvenience, South Korea developed an original device known as “revenge sound speakers”. The idea behind this device is basically to give the annoying neighbor a taste of his own medicine.

This invention consists of loudspeakers designed to be mounted on the wall that is shared with the noisy neighbor, with the diaphragm pointing towards the wall. Thus, and just as if it were a traditional loudspeaker offered on the market, this product has a wide variety of powers and sounds, and its sole purpose is that the noise is shot towards the wall of the person who lives next to it. side of us.

These types of devices have been available in South Korea since 2016, when they made their noisy appearance on the market. Since then, the invention has gained more popularity and there are already several versions that can be purchased in stores.

The best known is the Smartor speaker, which can be purchased for around 170,000 won ($150).

Many of the users acknowledge that this type of invention has helped them resolve disputes with neighbors over the noise problem. However, there are experts in South Korea who do not recommend these revenge speakers, as they could make the conflict between residents more violent.

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