Wednesday, December 7

Soy cut positive streak of 9 days due to profit taking

Despite the taking of speculative behaviors, the persistent dry and hot climate in producing areas of Argentina and southern Brazil put limits on the downside.

The oil accompanied the fall with a decline of 0.3% (US $ 3.75) and stood at US $ 1,246.69 per ton, while the flour it gained 0.3% ($ 1.21) to end the session at $ 458.42.

For his part, corn it fell 1.6% (US $ 3.94) and closed at US $ 238.08, for reasons similar to those explained by the decline in soybeans.

Finally, the wheat it fell 2.5% (US $ 7.53) and stood at US $ 287.89, due to lower exports than expected by the private sector. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported yesterday that exports in the previous week totaled 270,000 tons, below expectations by operators, “which indicates a certain lack of competitiveness of US wheat, particularly with respect to Russian”. noted the BCR.