Friday, August 12

Soybean planting picks up speed and Santander presents its products

The different plans cover hail events (through different modalities), frosts, strong winds and there are even options for silobolsa. “There are different plans, with deductible amounts and franchises. In short, what we have is the best coverage, with a truly competitive offer. Those who are interested can consult our commercial network ”, said Ocampo.

According to the Rosario Stock Exchange, some 49 million tons would be harvested in the current campaign, 2021/22, 9.1% more than in the previous one.

For this reason, Santander Agronegocios announced a wide range of credits, among which the financing with the Santander Agronegocios card stands out to acquire supplies with the main companies in the sector.

“We are really very proud to already have 100 financing agreements with companies that provide multiple products and services for the sector, so that our clients can acquire them with all the advantages offered by our card and face soy with all the support they need”, indicated Fernando Bautista, Head of Agribusiness of Santander.

These agreements are key to financing the working capital of producers and agricultural companies, within which are included products such as seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products or spare parts for agricultural machinery, which can be purchased with very good rates and terms.

“The set of agreements that we have, between the card and the agreements with the terminals, undoubtedly constitute a very interesting financing offer, which of course is useful for soybeans but also for all other crops”, considered Bautista.

Beyond these alternatives, in a campaign in which the largest area in history will be sown among all crops, with 38.7 million hectares, according to the Rosario Stock Exchange. Santander also has another wide range of loans, which includes options for working capital, investment projects and livestock businesses, among others.

As Bautista indicated, “we face the soy campaign together with the producers, because our mission is to contribute to the progress of people and companies. And we want to do it in a very concrete way ”. For this reason, he closed by saying that “today, for example, we have a very competitive line of loans in dollars, with terms that go until the soybean harvest, in May 2022.”