Saturday, July 24

Space Jam 2 Debuts With 91,000 Free NFT | Digital Trends Spanish

On the occasion of the premiere of the new Space Jam: A New Legacy, Warner Bros. studio is releasing a whopping 91,980 NFTs relative to the film, based on the characters that star it.

However, these NFTs will be a bit different from the traditional ones because they are not meant to be sold by the millions or anything like that (at least for now). Without going any further, these are delivered for free on the Niftys site, the company with which Warner partnered to distribute the digital objects; All you have to do is create an account on the site (a very valuable piece of information, by the way) to receive one.

Then, by sharing the page on social networks, a second NFT is given away. And those who want to buy them, can do so for the modest sum of $ 3 dollars on the same website. The collectibles have various levels of rarity (from common to epic and legendary) and are basically cards with designs of each character with various animated backgrounds or extra details, depending on that rarity. And logically, the higher the rarity, the less available: there are only 100 epics and just 10 legendary.

Niftys was created in March 2021 as a social platform for ordinary users who want to jump on the NFT fever. And although these objects have been under the spotlight due to ecological issues regarding their creation, Niftys ensures that these are objects created much more efficiently than normal and reducing energy consumption by 99 percent, thanks to the technology of blockchain from the company Palm NFT Studio.

In the future, Niftys intends to create a sort of marketplace of NFT, always thinking about the democratization of these non-expendable objects and that they are more accessible for the average user.

For its part, this is just one of the various promotional actions that exist for Space Jam: A New Legacy. Another of them was the launch on Xbox of a video game based on the film, which was first released free of charge for all Xbox Game Pass users and which on the film’s premiere day, on July 14, will be available for all the rest. And LeBron James, the protagonist of the film, will be in Fortnite.

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