Friday, July 30

Space Jam: A New Legacy already has a note on Rotten Tomatoes | Digital Trends Spanish

This Friday, July 16, is the premiere of Space Jam: A New Legacy, a movie that fans of the original 1996 film have been waiting for for years. However, the first reviews about the film starring LeBron James are already emerging, and they are not very encouraging.

So far, on the movie and series reviews site Rotten tomatoes, Space jam 2 has achieved a 35 percent approval rating. And, with about 100 reviews so far, critics generally call it “disastrous” and claim that it is just a product “powered by marketing”.

“Despite having stunning animation, this is a jumble of celebrity and corporate cameos that fails to capture the weird spirit of the original ’90s (film),” Empire magazine says of the film.

While Entertainment Weekly assures: “This is what happens with basketball: it is extremely observable. This is what happens with Space Jam: A New Legacy: it is not”.

For its part, states: “The first Space jam It was hardly a classic, which should lower expectations. However, even by that standard, this exercise driven by marketing it often looks like an Acme version of it, ”referencing Acme Looney Tunes products that always failed.

It is worth mentioning that the film Space jam original, starring Michael Jordan, it didn’t get good reviews either when it was released. The press called the film an “extended commercial” for the basketball player and a “mediocrity disguised as entertainment.”

Still, the 90s film – which has a 44 percent acceptance rate on Rotten Tomatoes – became a beloved piece of basketball fans and Looney Tunes fans who grew up with the film.

Space Jam: A New Legacy It will be available in the United States in theaters and on HBO Max starting this Friday. On the other hand, in Latin America it will be released in cinemas that can open despite the pandemic. In addition, it can be seen on HBO Max in August, although it does not yet have an official date.

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