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Space Port: the faithful recreation of Star Wars in a town in Valladolid | Digital Trends Spanish

the universe of Star Wars has reached a closer galaxy than we thought, since a town of 647 inhabitants near Valladolid is home to Puerto Espacial, a scale recreation of characters and landscapes from the science fiction saga.

Valoria la Buena (it has the name of the space city of the Resistance), is the town that brings together the creations of the sculptor Juan Villa.

Space Port is located in a medieval castle where the first thing that appears in its patios is a huge Rangnarok, to later accommodate sculpted figures from the movie, The Mandalorian and classic scenes.

Juan Villa comments on the official site of this tourist attraction: “Whoever comes to ‘Spaceport’ will find everything: robots, ships, extraterrestrials of the most diverse, from a market where there will be products for sale brought from all parts of the galaxy, a hangar with replica ships, a very special canteen, all with very cool sounds and visual effects, a very fun place for both fans like science fiction for all types of general public.

Made with all kinds of materials, including a 3D modeled cornstarch paste, Villa brings to life the inhabitants of a spaceport full of characters from the most diverse races of the Star Wars universe.

The Valladolid sculptor explains that the main impulse to create this park and its figures was the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Spaceport is the fruit of the “sinister glove thrown at us by the pandemic”. Like any businessman, I have people hired indefinitely, and after the first month of hiatus I thought something had to be done. I cannot be at home with my arms crossed, because the world is falling on me, ”he recalled at the time.

“Without the forced stoppage of the pandemic, surely ‘Spaceport’ would never have seen the light of day. I would have continued to ride my motorbike and not have stopped to think: What do I want to do? I am going to enjoy a little more… ”, she recalls. It was in those dark days when he thought of the many Star Wars figures that have been created in his Prometeo Escultura workshop, in Cubillas de Santa Marta, to selflessly collaborate with the 501st Legionone of the most active fan organizations in the world around the imaginary created by George Lucas, or in the premieres of the films in the saga.

With the idea of ​​revitalizing and giving the area another atmosphere, Villa also launched a project a few years ago located a few kilometers from his space port, in the Valladolid municipality of Trigueros del Valle, where he turned an abandoned medieval castle into a fantasy place taken over by dragons and mythological and fantastic beings.

Prices for Spaceport range from 5 euros for children and 9.5 euros for adults.

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