Friday, August 12

SpaceX redesigns the toilet of its space capsule | Digital Trends Spanish

SpaceX’s newest Crew Dragon capsule, which will take off on October 31 on another NASA space trip, will have with a toilet redesign that the astronauts will use.

Technically, this capsule is not called Crew Dragon but Endurance. And the name change has to do precisely with the new design of the toilet system, which caused urine leaks during the previous flight that took three passengers into space for a few days.

The failure was caused by a pipe connected to the storage tank that was disconnected, which caused the waste not to flow into the storage tank but into the toilet ventilation system.

Because of this, the capsule occupants had to keep the window closed when urinating and were unable to appreciate the grandeur of the space in a moment of relaxation. But beyond that small detail, apparently there were no major inconveniences for the passengers.

Still, the problem was big enough for SpaceX to redesign the entire toilet system, the tubes of which will be fully welded to prevent them from being accidentally released. And thus also avoid a similar situation – or even worse – in the new takeoff.

This next trip will begin on Sunday, November 31 at 2:21 am (local time) at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. And it will take four astronauts to the International Space Station, where they will spend six months before returning to Earth; hopefully they will not have any problems with waste on the way to the station, which takes about three days.

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