Friday, September 30

SpaceX wants to recruit hackers to detect errors in Starlink | Digital Trends Spanish

Surprise caused the news of the hacking of satellites Starlink for a home device for only $25 dollarswhich raised alarm bells about how easy it was to breach the artifacts.

That’s why, SpaceX wants to end this and is offering up to $25,000 to discover bugs in the service.

In a document In a six-page spread titled “Starlink Welcomes Security Researchers (Brings in the Bugs),” SpaceX congratulated Lenner Wouters on the investigation that uncovered the $25 homemade device hack.

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“We found the attack to be technically impressive, and it is the first such attack that we are aware of on our system,” SpaceX said in the document. The Wouters hack involving a homemade circuit board should not concern any Starlink users and will not directly affect the satellites, SpaceX added.

SpaceX welcomed any security researchers who wanted to help protect Starlink, saying they should consider joining the team or contributing their findings to the team. bug bounty program of the company.

“We allow responsible security researchers to do their own testing, and we provide monetary rewards when they find and report vulnerabilities,” SpaceX said in the document.

The average payment in the last three months for vulnerabilities is almost $950.

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