Friday, September 30

SpaceX’s Starlink will now reach Antarctica with internet | Digital Trends Spanish

Elon Musk already dominates the whole world, or at least he is already present on all seven continents with star linksince satellite WiFi reached Antarctica.

The company has sent a Starlink dish to McMurdo Station, a US research facility based on an island off the coast of Antarctica. In a tweetthe National Science Foundation said that scientists from the US Antarctic Program have been testing the dish on the site to supply greater Internet bandwidth.

In response, the official SpaceX account: “Starlink is now on all seven continents.”

Starlink is now on all seven continents! In such a remote location like Antarctica, this capability is enabled by Starlink’s space laser network

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) September 14, 2022

Download speeds can range from 50 to 200Mbps for residential users, and 100 to 350Mbps for business customers via a high-performance dish, which can also withstand extreme temperatures.

“In a location as remote as Antarctica, this capability is enabled by Starlink’s space laser network,” the company added in the Wednesday September 14 tweet.

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