Saturday, September 25

Spain and Belgium promote a mechanism to monitor the social situation in EU countries

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, today held a meeting by videoconference with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Employment of Belgium, Pierre-Yves Dermagne, to promote the Social Alert Mechanism at the European level, a system that will monitor the social situation of each country of the European Union.

As reported by the Ministry of Labor, Díaz has highlighted that it is a pioneering instrument, which places the social question at the center of the priorities and values ​​of the community bloc. “European citizens are calling on us now, at this very moment, a truly social Europe, where the economy is not incompatible with decent work,” explained the vice president.

This Spanish-Belgian initiative, which has aroused the interest of several European countries, proposes to introduce in the ordinary operating system and in the governance of the EU a mechanism to supervise the social situation of each country, similar to the Economic Alert Mechanism, established to correct economic imbalances.

This instrument, called Social Imbalance Procedure (SIP), consists of a system of annual control social indicators devised in order to detect, adequately and effectively, possible imbalances in the social sphere (employment, education, social protection and social rights ).

“It is an instrument that will allow us to put people ahead for the first time and reconcile social justice with economic efficiency in Europe,” said Díaz.

The vice president has defended the need to place the social dimension at the same level as the economic one, and stressed that the social question “cannot be subordinated to the economic purpose”, so it requires its own formulation and procedure.

“The mechanism in which we are working is destined to play a fundamental role in the development of the European Union. In our post-pandemic future strategies it is also up to us to lay the foundations for a social Europe that assumes these social commitments with full conviction” , Diaz has finished.

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