Friday, March 24

Spain, doomed to its first far-right government in Castilla y León

The early electoral strategy in Castilla y León has been a failure for the PP, despite the fact that they declare themselves euphoric. Although he has won the elections, it has not been with the absolute majority that they wanted and he changes Ciudadanos for Vox, with much greater electoral force, leading Mañueco to form a government with a clear far-right party. Another sum will be difficult, not even with the increase in seats for Soria Ya or other parties of the emptied Spain. A great milestone that has brought fifty national and international media to the least populated province of Spain. The PSOE registers a significant decrease of 7 seats that will have to be thoroughly studied.

From the first moment it was known that advancing the appointment with the polls was exclusively due to the interests of the Popular Party. Of the candidate, Fernández Mañueco, in the first place. Affected by three cases of corruption, he distracted from the judicial processes to come. Confident of achieving a comfortable majority, he got rid of Citizens with whom he shared government. This is the only thing he has achieved and only partially: Francisco Igea keeps his seat. And he gave the match a win. To the national PP how they have insisted on registering these elections. Because Pablo Casado was so interested or more in obtaining immediate success that he would strengthen his leadership. Poor and questionable, with Ayuso hot on his heels and the rise of Vox. The depopulated and neglected Spain was also stomping. The starting errors and a truly delirious campaign by several high-ranking PP officials and Pablo Casado in particular were cracking composure and makeup until leaving a pathetic image of despair.

The Popular Party has been governing Castilla y León for 35 years, no logical mind can accept a speech that promises a future that is neither the present nor the past that has solved the problems. Consternation was reflected on Casado’s face as the polls painted a worse than expected result. Dislocated, he released such nonsense, aggressive rebukes, slanders, which have been burning him in each intervention. With Almeida as battering ram, the PP embarked for Brussels to make a fool of itself. There was nothing left to do but appeal to that rancid and stiff Spanishness that they use to raise their audience. And so he has managed to keep more or less the votes of always. Those of those who entrust their destinies for decades to this peculiar party within a democracy so full of irregularities. No more no less.

The PP could not afford to lose one of its great fiefdoms. For this reason, together with his media army, he has tightened slogans. It was about seeing it in what they call “national key”. Something very relative. The Castilian-Leonese community itself is diverse. And it is the Spanish State. It includes, for example, Catalonia and Euskadi, communities where they are not exactly popular, the “popular”. In the Catalan parliament the PP is in the mixed group. They go forgetting extrapolations of interested results.

The hackneyed topic of a “day without incident” for this electoral event, it has been in a national key. Of that Spain that is smeared dirty from the right without scruples when it wants something and stops at nothing. ABC said it very clearly to every front page: it was about “get Sánchez out of La Moncloa”, to that one who was 15 years old when the PP came to fix Castilla y León. El Mundo assures the same day of the vote that today the political future of Spain is decided. And it is not like that. The blow to Ciudadanos has been worse, with how much they loved them before, through an invented interview with Albert Rivera in which quotes in his mouth the comment “from a friend” of the politician who has just been fired from a law firm for not giving a stick to the water, they allege, in his work. And that he has run like a hoax to the hurricane wind.

Antena3 has suffered an error again with the candidate of United We Can: he has placed him as a member of the Union Party of the Leonese People. And she has put Vox on the podium when he only obtained 1 deputy in 2019, demoting Ciudadanos to second again. Vision of the future is that of anticipating the electoral result because now it is the far-right third political force.

Vox had a tent in front of a school with open ballot boxes and the PP has made electoral propaganda, despite the law that prevents it. Nothing usually happens to him: in the 2019 elections he sent a massive SMS and the Electoral Board exempted him from all responsibility.

This is a remarkable “national key” revealed, entrenched in its description in these elections: that of the Spain of the trap that every day confirms us as a “defective democracy”, because even something as serious as the election of popular representation in the cameras have thick interference. And the will of the citizens is not respected in this way. Nor are these “removing” Pedro Sánchez from La Moncloa textually and in attitudes very reassuring. And the wide sleeve to operate like this with outrageous lies, permissiveness to match, remains as is.

The failure of the PP will not take a heavy toll on it because it maintains the government of Castilla y León and in Spain the extreme right has been conscientiously embedded and accepted by certain sectors through sustained promotion. It also already has Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, the leader admired by the European extreme right, who governs thanks to Vox. The opinions expressed in this campaign represent a rise in that ultra spiral that characterizes it and that it exhibits without complexes of word and deed.

Castilla y León has probably promoted a 31-year-old lawyer, Juan García-Gallardo, to the vice presidency of his regional government, who has been characterized by displaying his racist, homophobic and sexist proclamations. What does he want for maternity policies the models of Poland and Hungary: reifying laws of women to empower Spanish child manufacturers. The continuous announcements on covers and interviews have managed to “sow Vox” as requested. And it’s just the beginning. García-Gallardo maintains strong ties with the extreme right in the media.

Nothing is more expensive for a society than the lack of a democratic culture. The majority of Castilian-Leonese society seems to have opted for an aggravated model of the one they have maintained for 35 years, with its depopulation, polluting macro-farms and cacique structures. The backwardness that expels the youth. What has made the most neglected provinces react, neglected, to seek their own future. To Soria, above all, who achieved the feat of 3 prosecutors. Voted for by more than 40% of the voters, almost the sum of those that bipartisanship has reaped. The news will be there but much more, in that government that is presumed with the extreme right as the great democratic blot. The media aid that he has had must be taken into account in any analysis. They are not an anecdote.

Unknown Spain that we have learned to see better. Beautiful, steeped in history and abandoned even by their own who do not see expectations for the future. The journalist Geraldine Schwarz wrote in her book ‘The Amnesiacs’ some ideas that should be remembered often: it is about “defeating the violators of memory, the falsifiers of history, the manufacturers of false identities and false hatred”. In Castilla y León they have been given great decision-making power. And that for any Democrat is bad news.