Friday, January 21

Spain enters the level of maximum contagion risk after exceeding 500 cases of incidence

The incidence already reaches ‘very high’ risk levels of contagion by coronavirus, the maximum alert figure according to the latest update of the COVID traffic light of Health. Spain has registered a rate that exceeds the barrier of 500 points, with 511 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. On Friday of last week, the country reached 323 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants, with which in just seven days almost 200 incidence points have been added. On the other hand, on Monday of this week the incidence figure was 381 points. The last time the barrier of 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants was passed was on August 11. However, in order to assess the epidemiological situation, the thresholds of the care capacity in hospitals must also be taken into account: the data on occupancy in the ICU by COVID patients remain at medium risk levels, while those of hospitalized patients continue at the threshold of Low risk.

Navarra and Euskadi continue with the incidence rate above a thousand cases, while some communities such as Madrid, with 7,511 positives in this last day, register a significant increase in infections. In addition, Andalusia reports 4,580 infections, and the Valencian Community, 3,751. These three are the regions that show the greatest increase in COVID cases.

The Ministry of Health has registered 33,359 new infections, the maximum number of positives for coronavirus since July 23, when 31,171 infections were reported. This is a new increase in positives, since 28,900 were registered this Thursday. In total, almost five and a half million people have been infected by the coronavirus. In addition, during this week 165,337 cases of coronavirus have been reported, almost double than in the previous one.

People aged 11 and under have registered an incidence that exceeds the barrier of 700 cases. On the other hand, those aged 20 to 49 years exceed 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while those over 80 years of age report a lower incidence, with 163.65 cases.

41 people have died from the disease, while this Thursday there were 48 deaths from COVID-19. 88,708 people have died since the epidemiological crisis due to the coronavirus began in Spain. In addition, in seven days there have been 327 deaths from the disease.

The saturation of Primary Care threatens to leave cases of the sixth wave out of control

The saturation suffered by Primary Care supposes an added risk to the control of the pandemic: positive cases of the sixth wave of COVID-19 in Spain may be being left out of health control, going under the radar due to the difficulty of access to the network community medicine, overloaded and underfunded, according to the health workers.

“I was infected on December 10 and I was able to contact the health center on the 15th. They have made an appointment for me for an antigen test for December 20,” explains Juan, a 33-year-old from Madrid. At least ten days will have passed since he contacted the virus “in a meeting to which we all went with a negative previous test.” Juan’s tenacity, who has developed symptoms, has been what will allow his positive to have the opportunity to be counted. “If I test positive for antigens, they will do a PCR on me, they say.”